Matt Chong – Signing To My Father in Lucid Dreaming

I was at my childhood home, a horse ranch on Oahu, and I was tasked with watching over the place. I decide to sneak out but after hitting the road I start to get worried that I’ll be caught. Just as the feeling of being worried sets in, I realize I’m dreaming.

Charged with energy and feeling like I have great control, I launch hundreds of feet into the air. Having had a nice dream of the ranch the night before, I fly back to see who’s there. Looking down, I’m surprised that my hearing is extremely sharp and I can easily make out conversations happening far below.

Continuing over the property, I fly up towards my old house and notice dad sitting outside on the porch. I zoom over to show him how well I’m flying and he’s impressed with my level of control. Then as I’m zooming around the tree in our yard, I notice Grandpa (his dad who passed away in 2015) in the house with a younger version of my father.

Totally caught by surprise and filled with excitement, I try to tell my dad this but suddenly I realize I can’t speak. Then it dawns on me that I know ASL (American Sign Language) and I could communicate it to him that way. Filled with joy, I sign to him “Grandpa is here” and point behind him. My dad’s face lights up as he turns to head into the house. At this point I’m so filled with emotion that I wake up.