Mary Nason – Lucid Spinning – Feline Me in Lucid Dreaming


I am wandering through a house full of long, dark, winding hallways, and blocked exits. Perplexed, I end up in the far back of the house in a dimly lit carpeted doctor’s office with dated fake wood paneling and 70’s decor. I am surprised because it’s such a weird place to have a doctor’s office. A nurse takes control of me, telling me to hop up on the counter, which I do.


She informs me that I have a terrible disease and I begin to freak out. I’m devastated. Suddenly my friend is there and when I look into her eyes I somehow realize I’m dreaming. I say excitedly, “Wake up! This is a lucid dream!” She smiles knowingly and I can see that she is also aware we are dreaming. She says, “I think you’ll be okay in 2 months,” and with these words, I become elated. I feel so great and happy. I say, “Let’s DO something! Let’s fly!”


We are suddenly outside where we hold hands, lift into the air, and try to fly to the moon. But, holding hands causes drag and we can’t accelerate. I tell her I’m not good at flying yet and we part ways. I fly onward to a large, open space… a beautiful, green, grassy park on a bright, sunny day. I see a large overweight man lying on his back, sunning himself.


Upon landing, I have an intense desire to test my lucid environment, so I ask if I can jump on him. He smiles wide and says, “Sure!” So, I hop on his tummy and find that he is quite squishy and dense, not bouncy and trampoline-like as I expected. I take off and fly on.


I land next to a fenced field where some kind of game is going on with many players. A tiny pink Frisbee-like object is tossed to me over the fence and I catch it. Upon inspection, I find it to be some kind of technological gadget, possibly otherworldly, and I do not understand what it is. So, I throw it back in the direction it came from, but it doesn’t soar as I intend. I keep going.


I’m concerned about losing lucidity and feel it fading, so I try spinning. I open my eyes to find myself in a completely new location and am delighted that spinning really works! However, I’m surrounded by a concrete city full of tall, grey, imposing buildings. There’s much hustle-bustle and lots of people walking and talking everywhere. So, I spin again.


I am outdoors again in the sun at a different grassy location where there is a festival and another game being played. I go into a tented booth and see some flowers on top of a tall cabinet. I want to smell them, so I change into a cat and hop onto the cabinet fluidly. I feel very active and inquisitive in this form and feel my tail swishing behind me. I really like how I feel, how lightweight, dainty, and agile I am, and being up so high.


Since I’m closer to the flowers now, I can see that they are fake and am surprised by this. I lean in to sniff them and find they have no scent. I just don’t expect this. I want so badly to sniff ‘real’ lucid dream flowers as a feline. I feel so disappointed by how things aren’t living up to my expectations. I want things to be more ‘real’, less boring, less mundane. Shifting back to myself, I spin again.


Now I am standing in the middle of a busy road feeling fearless. I decide to play dodge with the cars since I know I can’t really get hurt in this dream.


I stand in front of them, then move out of the way at the last second, causing them to swerve. Suddenly, I’m now driving a vehicle and I chose to go down the wrong side of the street and cause a lot of trouble for the other drivers. I’m weaving in and out of traffic like a pro race car driver. I laugh and know I can’t get hurt. It’s a rush and a thrill. I’m having a lot of fun.


Suddenly I’m now in the woods at night, standing on a path covered with blankets. I realize I’m close to waking but I want to stay. As I head up the path, the blankets envelope me and I wake up.


*Note: There is a lot of hopping in this dream which seems to represent a growing level of self-control… In the beginning of the dream, the nurse takes control, telling me to hop onto the counter. Then, when I first become lucid, I ask if I may hop onto the man’s stomach. Finally, there is a turning point when I decide to change into a feline.


I come into my own power by doing the hopping without being told, without asking permission. Becoming the cat gives me the boost I need to take charge and get the experience I want. Later, there is more hopping when I play dodge with the vehicles for fun and thrill-seeking.