Marlise – Show Me the World of My
Dream Helpers in Lucid Dreaming

In my lucid dreams, dream helpers always appear unasked. I don‘t scrutinize the figures. I trust them unconditionally. Later, I am never able to describe them; they seem to be faceless‘. Sometimes, I wonder if they represent an aspect of my subconscious mind, the collective subconscious or even beings from another dimension?

In Robert Monroe‘s book Journeys out of the Body he provided a definition for OBE helpers: “…I do not know who these helpers are or why they are helping me…They are rarely friendly‘ in the sense that we understand the term. Yet there is a definite sense of understanding, knowledge, and purposefulness in their actions toward me. I feel no intent on their part to bring harm to me and I trust their directions.”

After a WBTB, I tried my favorite WILD technique of wishing to be shown the world of my dream helpers, and that the larger awareness‘ or the dreamer behind the dream‘ will let me experience the world of my dream helpers.

After a while my body starts to vibrate stronger, and stronger, rotating…and I hope to be able to fly with my dream body out of my bed. Suddenly I begin to notice shadowy‘ figures. Their contours are illuminated by a background light. There are five or six such beings. They bend over me, take my hands and pull me up towards them.

We are gliding through the darkness and I ask who they are. The one in front of me says, I‘m Karakiri’ (or perhaps it was Kurikiakiri or something similar). I know that I won‘t be able to remember this name and ask in return: Kuriakiri?‘ Another being on my left now tells that its name is ‘Dolly.‘ I reply, ‘That‘s easier to recall.

Then we are inside a huge building. It reminds me of an open plan office. Looking around I observe a fantasy animal‘ type of being approaching me from behind. First I can only see his illuminated contour, but then it begins materializing more and more and I can pet its head. After that, my hands feel electrified. The fantasy animal being bites me in my right forearm. I feel a painful scrape of my skin. This is my dream, nothing can happen to me!‘ I‘m shouting out loud and I‘m curious what‘s going to happen next. Another being releases me from this attack.

Someone else, who I sense as a female, comes close to me and wonders if I am S. (first name of my husband). Still another being comes running and injects an anesthetic in her arm until the female faints. He carries her away in his arms and remarks: This is not okay, since she knows that human beings are around visiting us!‘. He transforms to a normal looking human with gray hair and even resembles the author, Jurgen Ziewe (as I‘ve watched him in a Youtube video lately).

I think, he might be the boss here and I state, ‗Aren‘t we all equal beings?‘ Meanwhile I notice that there are many collaborators‘ observing us. He explains that I‘m right, but that it‘s of no use if beings like me visit this place. It might create strife. I want to know why he thinks that it will create strife and tell him that I still feel very curious about this place. But simultaneously I consider that he could be right and perhaps I should leave. This thought leads me to lose my lucid dream and wake.

As I thought about it later, I saw that the power of my intention and expectations probably created this fantasy world, which I experienced in my lucid dream. Because I wished to ‘intrude’ into the dream helper‘s world, my subconscious offered me this dream scenario where I am perceived as an intruder.