Marlise – Show Me Something Important to Do in Lucid Dreaming

This is a lucid dream that had an amazing ending because of my ‘wrong’ wording, as I had intended to say, ‘Show me something important to see!’:

To confirm I’m dreaming I like to pull my left trigger finger and see whether I can prolong it. I found it in the book, Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple three years ago and still have fun with it.

After becoming lucid in a dream two days before my husband’s birthday, I want to perform this reality check. But first, my hands reject each other like two homopolar magnets. Finally, with some effort, I can pull on my finger, and as my cat was with me, my fingertip makes a perfect toy for her (I did this already in previous lucid dream). Spontaneously, I have the idea to try to eat it. I imagine it might taste like a chewing gum. But as I put it into my mouth, it melts like butter on my tongue.

Then I remember that I have lots of more serious lucid dream goals, and with some difficulty, I recall one and shout out, ‘Show me something important to do!’ My dream scene turns black. I wait and say it again. Now, I’m lying in my bed and everything is still black. Also a ‘ghost’ man is lying on my left (as my husband does in waking life). He turns towards me and kisses me twice on my mouth. It feels like it is my husband. I’m flabbergasted — is this it, what I have to do? Love my husband???

I thought I woke, and in a false awakening (a non-lucid dream) my husband nudges me and mumbles that I had spoken in my sleep. I’m disappointed that he woke me up and tell him my lucid dream. Then I wake up, and my husband is soundly asleep beside me.

Remarks: I wonder if the ‘dark man’ could have been a representation of my animus. Could it mean that I have to learn to love my animus?

Lucid dreams, at least mine, seem to contain multilayered meanings. I tend to get ‘strange’ and amazing answers to my lucid dream questions, and therefore I’m curious, if learning about some psychological concepts about the subconscious in more depth will reveal new meanings for me in them.