Marlise – Show Me Full Liberation in Lucid Dreaming


I‘m standing on a bridge and realize that I‘m dreaming. As I consider things, I remember a goal that I wished to explore in lucid dreams. I then speak out loud: ‘Show me an experience of full liberation!’


Suddenly, I‘m flying or falling down from the bridge into an infinite depth in the company of a (tourist) guide or mate (don‘t know who it was). ‘This is a dream,’ I say as we continue to fall. I let it happen, but I‘m hoping that it comes to an end soon. Therefore, I speak out again: ‘Show me an experience of full liberation!’


Finally, we arrive at a large locality. It‘s crowded with strange creatures. The scene reminds me of an oriental market in a fairy tale. The beings are wearing silk-like clothing/blankets in vivid cold colors of white, blue and red in irregular patterns with black lines. Their bodies are invisible. Suddenly, my companion is transforming into what looks like a chocolate bar to me, wrapped in white and red aluminium foil. I‘m worried and cry out: ‘No, I still need you!’


One of the ghostlike creatures is coming next to me and looking at my hand, saying: ‘This really is a hand of a human being, very delicate! Have you never been with us before?’ I reply, ‘No, this is the first time.’ Unfortunately, I was too astonished to ask about where I am or who they were. But then I decide to ask: ‘What happened to my mate?’ Another creature answers, ‘That‘s the course the things are going…’ From behind someone else is asking me, if I wouldn‘t wish to finally wake up again. But I‘m too curious about this place and want to stay longer, although I begin to feel a bit uncomfortable.


Immediately similar ‘blankets‘ or towels as the creatures are wearing, are around me, but they are in warm colours of white, golden brown and olive green patterns with black lines. I‘m not sure if they want to suffocate me. I consider it probably would be better to wake up and wish to. But it feels like I need quite a long time before finally waking up…


Inside the dream I thought I had travelled to a world of aliens. But after waking up, I wondered about what I could have been liberated from? Was I liberated from the limited human consciousness/ awareness? Was I given an insight into another type of consciousness/awareness (perhaps of beings who are fully liberated)? Was it a location inside my unconsciousness that human beings normally don‘t have access to? When asking the question, I did not expect an answer like this, so it is rather weird to me.