Marlise – Marble Breaks and Iron Bends in Lucid Dreaming

During the IASD Conference, I attended the morning dream group ‘Inner Self & Seth’ where each day we were given a dream incubation assignment. The first was ‘Let me meet my inner Self!’ This led to a humorous lucid dream with some energizing and amazing depth for me.

In a very colorful non-lucid dream, I’m looking out the window of my house where suddenly a swarm of hummingbirds attacks the tomatoes my daughter has planted. Wow, it looks so colorful and wonderful, I want to take a picture! But my daughters are faster. After they have photographed the scene, they shoo the birds away.

I’m frustrated that I missed the opportunity for a nice picture. Yet now, I can see wonderful coral fishes flying there! Wait a minute: this can’t be; I must be dreaming!

I’m looking at my hands. They are blue, and I’ve only three fingers on my left hand which confirms my dream state. I recall my incubation and shout: ‘Let me experience my inner Self!’ Immediately I realize that’s wrong; I should have said ‘meet’ instead of experience. I’m not sure if I repeated my wish correctly a second time or not.

I’m floating, gliding, or drifting through a grey void until a cartoon-like, black-and-white, old-fashioned bus appears on a movie screen in front of me. Several people are sitting inside it.

Soon after, I’m inside a new dream scene, sitting on a trolley table with other friends. We are driving past a quarry where workers throw marble pieces towards us. Although I don’t like this silly dream scene, I don’t want to change it, as I have intended, after I felt it was wrong to have destroyed my ‘nonsense’ dream scene in my last lucid dream.

I pick up a piece of marble and put a finger into it like it is butter, then throw it back. The workers throw more pieces towards us. It’s like a funny play and intuitively my dream-self starts singing, “Marble, stone, and iron breaks, but our love will stay forever,” as in this old, kitschy, German pop song with the following lyrics:

Don’t cry when it rains, dam, dam, dam, dam.
Someone is holding towards you, dam, dam, dam, dam.

Marble, stone and iron breaks, but not our love.
Everything, anything passes off, yet we always stay faithful.

Marble, stone and iron breaks . . .
When I can’t be with you, dam, dam, dam, dam.

Remember, you are not alone, dam, dam, dam, dam.
Marble, stone and iron breaks . . .

Take the golden Ring from me, dam, dam, dam, dam.
If you are sad, then it tells you, dam, dam, dam, dam.

Marble stone and iron breaks.
Anything, everything passes off, yet we always stay faithful.

I’m feeling euphoric until I realize how silly this is. The workers are still throwing marble pieces towards us. It looks like they want to build a wall around our car (we are sitting inside an ordinary car now). I don’t worry; I’m happy and confident that I’m able to fly through it anytime because it’s only my projection building up this wall. I’m still feeling euphoric but lose the dream.

Remarks: I’ve have not listened to such kitschy old songs in the past decades. It amazed me that my unconscious found it. The German lyrics fit perfectly in my current view of an ‘inner Self’. The profound depth of it gave me strength, energy, and confidence to enjoy the rest of the conference! For those interested, here are links for both German and English versions of the song (the English lyrics are different from the German): and