Marla L. Charbonneau – Resolution of Grief Dream in Lucid Dreaming

I am having an ordinary sort of dream in which my husband and I have bought a car and we have gone to pick it up. I realize that I’ve bought it without driving it first and I am worried. It’s an electric Prius and I had thought it was almost new and in great shape but when we get there to pick it up it won’t start. My husband then realizes that he forgot his wallet and I agree to go pick it up in the hotel where we are staying. I walk into the hotel and find room 143. I notice the door has been left open and my first thought is that the maid must be cleaning. Then I hear my father’s voice. (In actuality he had died seven months before.)

At this point I become lucid. I become very excited and run as fast as I can toward where I hear his voice. I’m afraid he won’t be there when I get there but I enter a room and there he is. I am fully lucid and ecstatic to see him. I see that he is vital and healthy and appears around forty-five years old (he died at 86). He is happy to see me, too. We just stare at each other with big grins on our faces. My deceased uncle and deceased cousin are there, too, and try to say hi and get my attention but I ignore them because I want to get every second possible with my father. We only communicate telepathically but it is mainly an expression of deep love. It is deeply gratifying. Just prior to losing lucidity, I ask him if there is any message from the other side but he just continues to look at me and doesn’t answer the question. I then wake up.

Prior to this dream, I had been going through a difficult period of grieving. I felt stuck around the idea that my father had suffered in the last few months, and I worried that he was still suffering. I needed to know that he was okay. I had prayed for a dream or experience that would let me know he is okay. I had other non-lucid dreams about him, but none of these had given me a sense of resolution the way that this dream did.

Of the seventy or so lucid dreams I have had in the last two years, only two have had dream characters that felt real to me—this was one of them. There was a very different quality that felt like it might be an actual visitation. Either way, I felt like I moved through the most difficult period of grieving after this dream. It was a great blessing!