Mark Van Schuyver – 8/1/2011, Walking on Water in Lucid Dreaming


I wake up. I see the time projected on my ceiling. It is a little after 4:00 AM. I go to the bathroom. I have good recall of several non-lucid dreams. I decide to use the MILD technique. Lying on my back, I reflect on one of my previous non-lucid dream with the thought of returning to the dream in a lucid state. With my eyes closed I see swirls of purple. The swirling purple is like a cloud and the color is very vivid and rich. After a short time I am walking along and I realize that I am dreaming. I am elated. A woman is walking near me. I say ‘hey I am dreaming! This is a dream!’ She looks irritated and says something like good for you in a sarcastic voice. I tell her to have a nice day. She walks on.


I am in a building. I repeat ‘I am dreaming. This is a dream,’ out loud every few seconds. I decide to pass through a wall. I get stuck in the wall. Then I will myself to finish passing through. I get through the wall. I decide to look for a particular woman as I had planned to do in physical reality (preparing or programming my mind for the dream).


I see a woman on a table with a man standing by her. There are two or three other young women standing about. I think that this woman is having a baby or something. The scene does not appeal. I pass by.


I see a room with several young women. I say, ‘Is anyone here not a dream figure?’ One woman responds emphatically, ‘None of us are dream figures!’ But they are distant. Hard to talk with or maybe not interested in talking.


I am in a large building, similar to a mall. I see my mother sitting on a couch. I hug her and kiss her cheek. She is glad to see me. I decide to give her a message. I say I have a ‘one word’ message for you. She wants to give me a message too but I talk over her. I insist on giving my message first. She asks why. I say because this is a way for me to test to see if we are really in communication or if this is just a dream. She stops talking and I say the word I have in mind. ‘Dragon.’ I think that she hears me. My thought is to call her soon in physical reality (PR) to see if she says the word. [I called her the following day and asked her if she dreamed of me on this night and she said no].


I am standing with some people. I levitate a few inches off of the ground as I stand by them. I am thinking about how cool it is to be able to float in the air like this. I decide to find the woman that I planned to look for in physical reality preparation. I see a woman walking down a stair case and I think it might be her. Others are around. I follow the woman. Her body morphs in shape as she walks. I decide to hurry to catch up with her. When I get to the bottom of the stairs she is gone. I see three or four small children. I smile and say hello to the children. I walk past.


I ‘wake up.’ I hear music. I get out of bed. I see a telephone with a clock on it. It has fallen over (I do not have such a device near my bed in physical reality. And other things on the dresser are not in my PR). I set the phone/ clock thing on its base. The music stops. I get back in bed. I am certain that I am awake. I hear the music again. It might be classical music. The sound is not clear, like a radio station that is fuzzy. I am still sure that I am awake. I decide to d a PR check anyway. I push my finger against my hand and with difficulty it passes through! I realize that I am still dreaming!


I get up. Someone is in the room with me. An older woman. I float a few inches off of the floor and enjoy the feeling. I am in my nightshirt only. I am naked below the waist. I am a little bit embarrassed. . .


Everything is blank. Exactly as if I were in my bed with my eyes closed. I hear music playing. I decide that maybe I am still dreaming and I am in the dark in between space so many write about. I wait and soon a scene materializes.


Now I am inside a building. It is very large. I see geometric structures here and there. I decide to fly but I do not lift off.


I ‘wake up’ again. I am in my bed. I hear the conversation that was going on before I woke up and I think that I am probably still dreaming. Now I am standing. Now I am certain that I am awake and no longer dreaming. I decide to test anyway. I try to push my right forefinger through my left hand. At first it does not penetrate. Just as I am about to stop the test I see an image. It is like a flat piece of paper in the shape of my forefinger that penetrates my hand. The paper might have some writing on it. I think, ‘this is not right. I must still be dreaming.‘ Then my finger actually penetrates my hand and I am sure that I am still dreaming. Amazing!


I am standing by a flat surface of some kind. It is a hard surface maybe wood or wood composite. I push my forefinger downward through it. It resists some and then I feel my finger penetrate to about the first joint. The feeling is very realistic. I then decide to penetrate the surface using all four fingers of my right hand. I do so and all four of my fingers penetrate the hard surface with the same effect and the same feeling.


I am standing somewhere. I put my finger through my hand. I marvel that I am still dreaming. It seems amazing that I am still lucid after so many scenes and a couple of false awakenings. I keep telling myself this is a dream. ‘I am dreaming.’


I am in a house with a man and his wife, another couple, and a gay couple. I see the gay couple kiss. I am uneasy about that but remain calm. I walk away from them and into the kitchen. There is also a boy in the house. I think he is the son of one of the couples. He has brown hair. He looks to be about 10 years old.


They are cooking dinner. I am invited to stay. I think that eating food in a dream would be a waste of time. I look around for things to do. I decide to throw knives. I look down and see that I have several small throwing knives in my hand (the same little throwing knives that I own in physical reality). I decide to throw a knife into the wall (or fireplace?). I feel that it can do no harm to property as this is a dream. I throw one and it clatters off the wall and bounces around and the flat of the blade hits my leg. I pick it up. I throw it again willing it to stick and it does. I think, this is my dream and I can control exactly where each knife will land.


The boy comes over. I boast, ‘Each knife will stick and it will stick exactly where I say it will stick.’ I start to throw but the knife in my right hand has changed into different type of throwing knife. It has become a type of knife that I know is weighted differently and that I know that I cannot throw very well. I look again and the knife has morphed into another type of knife different from any I have ever thrown. I throw it anyway and it sticks. I throw several knives and they all stick into the wall but not exactly where I want them too. The boy gets under my arm, in my way. I tell him to move. He is blocking my throwing arm. He moves to my left. I throw more.


I ‘wake up.’ At first I am sure that I am really awake this time. But I listen and I hear the same conversation that I was hearing in the room right before ‘waking up.’ I conclude that I must still be dreaming. I push my finger through my hand and confirm that I am STILL dreaming! Amazing.


I am at a swimming pool. A child is swimming. I walk toward the child. I look down. I am walking on water! I think this isn‘t right. Only Jesus can walk on water. I feel a little embarrassed, I feel like a show off, but I keep walking. I see the water ripple with my steps. I feel the water on my feet. I walk away from the boy, across the pool looking down at each step marveling that I can walk on water. . .


I wake up in physical reality. My clock projects the time on the ceiling. I says 6:04 AM. I do a PR check to see if I am still dreaming or not. I am not. I realize that I have been having a lucid dream (dreams?) for almost two hours. I go to my computer and enter this into my dream journal. This is the only long lucid dream that I have ever had. It is the sixth lucid dream that I have had in the last six weeks since I have been attempting.