Maria Isabel Pita – The Mummy – Searching for X Dream 3 in Lucid Dreaming


I’m lying, mostly unclothed, across a concrete frame around a plot of dirt a few feet in diameter at night on a deserted city street. It’s dark and I’m aware of my reclining position where I straddle the street and the plot of earth, which also has the consistency of moist sand. I begin to crawl onto it, intending to make myself comfortable on it like a bed and go to sleep when I realize this is not something I would normally do, that there’s something strange going on…


I must be dreaming, and yet gravity feels real and I’m not convinced. Seeing the approaching headlights of a car, a hazy white in the gray-black atmosphere, I stand up and reason that I can make myself rise up into the sky in time to avoid being hit, that the threat gives me the push I need to prove I am indeed, dreaming. I rise up slowly, willing gravity to release its hold on me. Yes, I’m dreaming!


Gliding slowly parallel to darkened buildings over the now empty street, I immediately think of X but I can’t speak his name; I try, but my voice won’t rise out of my throat. I remember my intent, to emulate the Dream Walkers from Robert Jordan’s ‘Wheel of Time,’ and closing my eyes I say, ‘Need!’ and twirl around, repeating this three times before opening my eyes again. I already know it didn’t work because I could hear the same ambient sound(s) as before; I wasn’t taken to my target location, X’s childhood home, where I hope he will be waiting.


Instead a couple of feet below me to my left, I see a blonde man, tall but slender build, barely visible in the heavy nocturnal gloom, but I distinctly see him smile at me. I consider approaching him and interacting with this dream character but decide against it as I try once again to call ‘X!’ with no more success.


I suffer a false awakening as the guest of a family who is already up and preparing to head for the water; they live on the beach. I really want to stay in bed longer, I’m sleepy and now is the time X might be having a LD (Lucid Dream) but I get up and end up on the beach with them, yet I still want to go back to bed and I begin running back…


Walking down a dark city sidewalk with Mami, arm in arm, happily returning from dinner out together. No one around: no cars, just the silhouette of buildings to our left and darkness all around as we approach the corner to turn left toward home. Even as we do so, it hits me that we really didn’t go out together by ourselves, that this is not a likely scenario and so I must be dreaming. I smile and face Mami and say, ‘Look, we can fly,’ and rising up into the sky prove to myself this is, indeed, a dream.


Mami looks surprised and worried, although not too much, and I say, ‘Come on up with me, Mami,’ and I’m pleased she actually does so. She’s wearing a blue floral dress, and in a spirit of play I take her hands and make as though to ballroom dance with her through the sky, but she tries to pull away, frightened by what she calls a ‘dance macabre’ and I understand she fears that dancing in a dream like this is a portent of death. I know it’s a silly superstition but respect her feelings and say, ‘Okay, just head back down, slowly,’ and she does so, a bit awkwardly, her legs rising up as she falls back like someone pushed into a pool.


I remain airborne, rising higher into the sky as I call ‘X!’ intending to go try and find him again only suddenly the dark sky solidifies into a ceiling, arched and smooth as though made of thick strong porcelain, a grayishblue-white color blocking my progress. It feels too dense to try and will myself through and I’m pondering the annoying obstacle when on the ground to my right I see a person or persons walking through an open door out of the structure. Right! I remember my intent to look for more traditional ways out in a LD and quickly follow them.


I abruptly find myself in a small, indoor space through which a gale force wind is blowing. I can’t feel the wind only how it makes moving forward a total struggle. Through a window I can see out onto a porch and a table and I know I’m in X’s childhood home when I spot the patio’s brick floor. Through the window I see someone sitting at the table with his back to me. X?! I fight the wind, pulling myself forward by holding on to the rim or frame of the window, determined to remain lucid and make it out onto the porch.


I pause to bang on the glass, yelling, ‘X! X, I’m here, it’s Maria!’ but the sound of my fist scarcely registers and I’m not sure if he can hear me. ‘X!’ I yell, struggling toward the door, and he turns his head and looks right at me. I experience a surge of triumph. It looks like X, and we’re looking straight at each other, and I’m thrilled because we seem to have succeeded, we are both lucid and aware of each other in the dream.


But he turns away again and I finally make it out the door to him. I kneel in front of him and grasp his hands where they rest on his lap, and they are ice cold, thin and leathery. It’s a creepy feeling, as though I’m interacting with a corpse, but I persist, slapping his face and shaking him. I don’t remember what I say, his name, mine, we’re dreaming, not sure now, I’m just trying to wake him up. I stand him up only now his face just collapses and there’s no doubt he’s not there anymore, if he ever was. The living man I first saw who looked right at me turned into a mummy; I was trying to wake a mummy!


Dream Note: Turns out X was awake at the time I had my LD and so essentially dead to me in the dream world. We also both have reasons to believe we lived in ancient Egypt at least once, and that we’re slowly relearning the dream walking skills we once possessed, which might also serve to explain why I perceived him as a mummy.