Maria Isabel Pita – Star of the Sea in Lucid Dreaming


Riding hypnagogic imagery, I slip into a visual I can’t remember now but which I know relates to my Lord, and I am fully aware as I suddenly seem to be pulled at high speed into another scene. My disembodied consciousness like a ship floating on the ocean at night, I have eyes only for the young and slender female being floating above the black water a few yards away. She is in profile to me, and her short hair is white as the moon. Her elegant figure is clad in the ‘fabric’ of the sky – a darkness softly glimmering as though with the light of distant stars, further obscured by clouds and the atmosphere of the dream night.


Enthralled, I am fully focused on her presence as she ‘performs’ like a dancer, a relaxed, joyful smile on her gently luminous face. She appears to be, very slowly, sinking into the water, yet she actually remains poised above it as, with a supreme elegance, her palms open gently upward, she slowly raises her luminous bare arms, one before her and the other behind her, each arm gently curved upward. There is a purely potent, effortless yet powerful grace in all her movements, and the instant her arms are level with her face – like a conductor preparing to perform a symphony with all creation – I slip into, and yet also somehow leap, into a lucid dream as my body sinks into sleep.


Wow! I have never experienced a more beautiful and arresting transition into full lucidity! It’s as though this luminous being, clad in the night of my dream space, took very special pleasure in showing herself to me, and letting me see how ‘powers’ like herself help direct us into conscious dreams, our physical bodies like instruments playing our souls under a higher direction; angelic conductors performing our dreams like a divine music.


The second I felt my body fall asleep, infinitely soft white and fluffy clouds became visible to me just above the dark waters, and stretching for as far as I could see while my awareness drifted along, just below and beyond them. The woman had disappeared, but I remained so in awe of her, and of what had just happened, I couldn’t concentrate on finding another dream scene to slip into, and soon woke up.