Maria Isabel Pita – Dream Warrior in Lucid Dreaming


…In another scene, I know immediately that I‘m back in the same place of my earlier lucid and that I‘m dreaming. A young Caucasian man, dressed in a sleeveless t-shirt and sweatpants he clearly sleeps in, is standing just to my left. He got up when I appeared/arrived in order to greet me, and to wait with me. He is facing me but I am facing the doorway and bedroom from which he emerged. I can see the person we have been expecting standing a few yards away at the foot of the bed— a slender young Japanese or Oriental man. We look directly at each other and speak to each other. I can‘t remember what we say. After a few moments, I say firmly, ‘He‘s the one.’


We have established that he and I are both fully lucid. The Western youth then turns and precedes me into the dimly lit bedroom. Again, only a sense of blacks and whites except for my young escort‘s tshirt, which I want to say is gray or blue, I‘m not sure. Its color seems to have to do with the fact that he‘s asleep. He murmurs, ‘Thanks man,’ and I wonder why he doesn‘t stay with us instead of going back to bed; surely he must also know he‘s dreaming if he‘s part of this mysterious lucid check point.


But I can‘t wonder about it too much because the intent Oriental man (he could be Chinese) captures all my attention with his presence, and just barely contained intensity. I can‘t say he was ‘eager’ about my being there because that sounds too innocent, like saying the edge of a knife is eager for blood; it is simply a knife and, when used, will draw blood.


This Dream Entity is sharp, welcoming, yet also almost dangerously present. I have never encountered a Dream Entity like him in a lucid dream before. I can only describe him as a ‘lucid dream warrior’ and I have been admitted onto his/ this level. I feel he is here to initiate me.


Honestly, I‘m slightly more nervous than honored, because although I‘m definitely proud to be here, the scene doesn‘t feel like my style. He communicates to me that first we‘re going to (I paraphrase) ‘get a feel for’ our dream bodies, and so I emulate him as he shakes and loosens his shoulders and arms, like a martial artist warming up before sparring with a partner.


As I go and stand directly before this young Oriental man‘s almost fiercely smiling face, I notice a strange spider-like insect crawling purposefully across the rumpled sheets on the bed beside us. It is brown and seems made of plastic, with its long legs and wings animated by a disturbing sentience. I say, ‘I don‘t like that,’ watching it warily as it moves closer to me. The man tells me it is Nicholas Cage, which seems ridiculous for a second until I seem to grasp this is a somewhat sarcastic nickname for the individual who heads this ‘group’ of ‘lucid dream warriors.’


But I can‘t worry about the oddly mechanical bug because my instructor is communicating to me without speaking (the sharp, broad smile on his face, which is neither handsome or ugly, never wavers) that we‘re going to do reality checks now, so that I can prove my dream body and awareness are absolutely fit, which they will need to be.


He raises his right hand and I jerk my face away slightly so that his index finger enters me just between my left eye and the bridge of my nose instead of directly penetrating my eyeball, which I feared was his intent. His finger slides in smoothly and effortlessly, penetrating my dream body a few inches before slipping out as, once again, I jerk back slightly. In response to something he says then, I tell him the truth, ‘I‘m not afraid, it‘s just not a particularly pleasant sensation.’ I lose the dream and wake.


Dream Notes:


I keep experiencing the man‘s finger entering my face and the challenging smile on his lips. There was no real resistance but there was a real sensation. I was, in that moment, as conscious of, and as present in, my dream body as I am in my physical body. His gesture and intimate penetration seemed to root me in my dream body. It would be wonderful to have the fluid control, which is also grounded, of a martial artist in my lucid dreaming body. I feared he would be sticking his finger in my eyeball, but what if he was aiming for my third eye and my jerking my head away interfered with his actual intent? A very interesting possibility.


This ‘lucid warrior’ had a ‘real-life other’ presence that could not be ignored and I sensed his eagerness at my presence and readiness to accept his instruction. I dislike Nicholas Cage and it has been years since I have seen any of his movies, but this Dream Entity certainly felt like a ‘supernatural warrior entity’ and I understand the actor often portrays such characters.


‘Styles of Chinese martial arts’… Imitative-styles are styles that were developed based on the characteristics of a particular creature such as a bird or an insect. An entire system of fighting was developed based on the observations of their movement, fighting abilities, and spirit. Examples of the most well known styles are white crane, tiger, monkey (Houquan), dog and mantis.’


Perhaps the insect I saw, which walked partially erect, relates to the Mantis style.