Maria Isabel Pita – Circle of Light in Lucid Dreaming

I find myself lucid, as if in mist, surrounded by trees, although I can only see the smooth and sinuous gray trunks of a single tree directly in front of me. I want to go up above the trees so that I can study them, but I feel rooted to the spot. I close my eyes, and will myself to be high up in the sky. I’m feeling frustrated, because there’s no reason I should have to literally fly up there since this is a dream; I should be able to will myself into the sky.

Then I feel a shift, and when I open my eyes again, all I see is very pale, almost white sky around me, and feel like I’ve made it very high up. But I’m still somewhat tethered to gravity as, very slowly, I spin around, making a full rotation. Then, as I drift gently along, I notice that I’m not as high up as I thought when I see, close by, the branches of a tree, with fresh bright green leaves. The tree must be miles high, and there are a few other exceptionally tall trees nearby.

Wondering why I felt the need to come up this high, I remember that I wanted to study the trees as a living field of some kind. There is some mysterious information up here—all the branches of the trees are like a communication field. (Thinking about it now, I’m reminded of computer images of the brain’s neurons and synapses that resemble tree branches, as do nerve endings and capillaries, etc.) Before long, I realize I’m surrounded by a circular field of some sort. It’s pretty big, but not so big that I can’t spin in the center of it, and see it all very closely. The encircling ring is in the shape of a zigzag pattern composed of a golden-orange light, a beautiful light made up of small—approximately as high as my waist—’pyramids’ ^^^^^^^^ all connected, and flowing into each other.

I know I should study it, this ring of light, so I continue spinning slowly in place. As I do so, I make out in the light what look like pine trees, the kind used for Christmas trees. The open pyramid shape of each section of glowing light seems to be made up of pine trees, but then I vaguely discern the shapes of other trees within this vivid, molten, living light. And as I continue studying the light, I notice something else embedded in it, but rising a little above it—clear rectangles and/or squares reminiscent of glass fish tanks, but much more pristine, like crystals.

I then become aware of no longer being in the sky. A room has taken shape around this living circle of light, but the walls are all either in shadow, or are simply black. I curiously study one of these ‘crystal tanks’ in which I notice a few bubbles, perfect crystalline spheres, floating up through it. I don’t see any fish, instead I discern whole scenes inside the ‘tanks.’

Fish tanks are often adorned with little models of treasure chests, sunken ships, seaweed, etc., and what I see is something similar, but much more complex, subtle and detailed, and the scenes all feel related to humanity. I wonder—Is this what’s holding me back, in the sense confining me? Then I think—No, it’s not necessarily a limitation… my Father wants me to play. It doesn’t feel like a negative thing to have different pieces of the world contained in these crystal containers set into the living ring of golden-orange light surrounding me like a great crown.

I now become fully aware of the room I’m standing in, which is empty except for this mysterious luminous circle. When again I think—My Father wants me to play—I suddenly find myself facing large double doors that extend from floor to ceiling. The doors are a dark-red color, and I immediately head toward them. The ring of light around me doesn’t confine me; I don’t have to break through it to get to the doors. Then I remember something else I want to do, and yell, ‘Igor!’ the name of one of my dream partners. I fling open the doors yelling, ‘Igor!’ My voice is loud, even though it feels a bit constricted, not as powerful as I wish it to be.

The completely white antechamber I emerge into is empty. I make a sharp right turn into a long corridor, and yell ‘Igor!’ again. Almost at once, I come to an area where I notice a few people. I pass very close to a tall woman with dark hair, and for some reason, I instantly sense she can help me; she has an air of administrative authority about her. I stop and ask her, ‘Can you page Igor for me, and tell him to meet me…

Where is the best place for us to meet in here?’ I sense that I’m inside a very large, multistory ‘Mansion’. The woman replies, ‘I’ll ask him to meet you in his office.’ This catches me completely by surprise. ‘Igor has an office here? Wow!’ While she is paging Igor to meet me in his office, I look around, sensing I’m in danger of waking up. ‘Hurry, please!’ I urge, but lose the dream.

Preliminary Dream Notes:

This circle of light now strikes me as being a portal resting on its side. I’ve been looking for a mountain portal in my dreams resembling a Star Gate from the sci-fi series. Each link in the luminous spherical chain was pyramid-like, and also resembled a simple line drawing of a mountain. It occurs to me now that the crystal ‘tanks’ may have been dream scenes I could possibly have entered. That’s just a theory, but the more I think about it, the more I feel I was inside the threshold of a mysterious portal.

I emailed Igor my dream, and he replied: “Most of my dreams the past few nights have been about philosophy; I‘ve been trying to figure out where we are now, what the next step is, etc. So it didn‘t matter what I was doing in my dreams; it was all about thinking, all about my thoughts.”

Maybe that‘s why the woman in my dream, who I asked to page Igor, said he was in his office!