Maria Isabel Pita – Another Woman’s Reflection in Lucid Dreaming

I’m sitting in front of a mirror, and as I study my reflection, I become lucid. I’m looking at another woman, perhaps in her early thirties, seeing and feeling through her eyes as she admires her flawless complexion, her full, expressive mouth, her straight nose, and the red hair softly framing her face. I know her husband has just left the bedroom, and I feel her still glowing with his love and attention. As she raises her chin, turning her head slowly from right to left, I do not for one moment feel this woman is actually me in another life, whether past, parallel or future. She is herself, just as I am still myself, conscious of my own feelings even as I partially share in hers. But in this dream, I am seeing through her eyes, in the deepest sense, even as I know we are separate from each other—mysteriously individual perceptions of a single Awareness, unique expressions of One Life. In this dream, I feel myself living the second half of the greatest commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Dream Notes:

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Not love yourself as your past, future or parallel self. Normally, I see my own reflection when I look in a mirror in a lucid dream. Sometimes I look as I do now, but more often than not, I appear as I did in the prime of my life. This makes sense, since I’m in my dream body, which is timeless. Depending on the mysterious purpose they are serving in my dream, mirrors can remain solid or act as portals.

Quite a few times when looking into a mirror in a lucid dream, I have seen another woman’s face, and almost invariably, the location and setting of the mirror were, without a doubt, contemporary. I once believed in reincarnation, but my dreams gradually changed my mind. The television show Endeavour is a prequel to Inspector Morse, set in the 1960’s, when Morse was young. In one episode, Morse says something I feel sums it all up very nicely: “There’s no real magic in this world, only love. The rest is just smoke and mirrors.” You won’t find more mirrors than in the theory of reincarnation, which is literally self-centered. Whenever I see another woman staring back at me with my own eyes in a dream mirror, the feelings I receive from her, examined after I wake up, help shed light on whatever I myself am going through at the time. In these mirror dreams, I seem to be literally reflecting on my own interior life, with truly mysterious help.