Maria Carla C. – October 21, 2011 Sent Grandpa to the Light & Reiki Healing on Mom in Lucid Dreaming


I am on the phone with I___. She tells me she wants to go to Canada to study “dietary medicine”, but hadn’t told anyone yet. Recall her saying, “This is between me, you and the lamp post…I don’t know if I should tell your mom or not”. She was getting my opinion on school, asking about usernames and passwords, and where she could get boxes for moving. I said, “I__ you can call Office Depot early in the morning…that’s what G___ did when he was moving”. She kept shushing her husband who kept interjecting – she said, “Let M__ tell me”. He giggled. I hung up with her and Aunt G__ called, and told me she was going back to school. I was so inspired by these older women going to school so late in life, and making major changes like moving to Canada.


I went upstairs to tell mom about I___ and Aunt G__. Mom was lying in bed with her father talking. I had a green mud masque on, and when I went over to Grandpa he asked, “What is that?” I kiddingly say, “I think I’m going to throw up”, and made lurching sound – like I was green from nausea. He made a face. I said, “Like C___ did to you when she was a baby”. He laughed, and we all were giggling and joking. I was sitting in a chair opposite them – chairs reminded me of the ones he and Gram had that Aunt A___ reupholstered in WPR (waking physical reality). I suddenly realize, “this is a dream..Grandpa and Aunt G__ aren’t alive! And how could mom be older than her father?” (WPR he died in his early 50’s, while mom is 72)


I went over to the bedside and say, “This is a dream”. He and mom looked surprised. I levitated him with hand gestures like stage-magicians do, and sent him into the “Light” by spinning him in the air up through the ceiling. I could see the cosmos through the ceiling and him disappear into the galaxy becoming starlight. Mom looked upset that he was gone. I float her up off the bed and was manipulating her with hand gestures – moving her above the bed. I think, “Well, I can’t send her to the Light…she’s alive”. I knew I needed to focus on something or I would lose lucidity.