Margaret –  Three Lucid Dreams Dream 1 – December 2003


I was in the kitchen standing by the stove, facing my father who was sitting at the table. He was wearing his favourite old and faded jeans and a sweatshirt. I could only see a bit of his face since his chair was at an angle to me.


For some reason I turned to face the stove, and then suddenly, for whatever reason, I knew I was in a dream. I was pretty certain that when I would turn back to the table, Dad would be gone, because he’s dead. Sure enough, the chair was empty.


Suddenly I found myself in the hallway, facing the mirror. Instantly I was shooting up with no control, through the ceiling and into white stuff, like misty clouds. (This always happens when I realise I’m dreaming.) Twice I called out my sister’s name (she is a lucid dreamer too). As usual, I was flying on my stomach like Superman, though I was not really aware of my body. I woke immediately.


Dream 2


I think I was outside when I realized I was dreaming. But instead of flying uncontrollably through the “white space” as I usually do, I stayed where I was. I flapped my arms, trying to get off the ground. It didn’t work. I don’t remember if I woke then, or continued to dream without lucidity.


Dream 3 – February 2004


I find myself in a tunnel and I know that I’m dreaming, that I’m lucid. I’m wondering if this is what death is like, when I glimpse white light at the end. I wake immediately.