Mara Sand –  July 2002 in Lucid Dreaming


I woke from a “Wow I’m flying!” dream, and thought ‘Why don’t I use flying as my clue to myself that I am dreaming so I can be lucid in the dream?’ When I fell back asleep, I realized that I was flying again, so I must be dreaming I thought.


“Alright,” I said to myself, “I can go for an adventure.” I looked around and saw a man with a plane and asked him if I could ride with him. I explained that we were dreaming so we could do anything. He agreed to let me ride in his plane. I asked him to stop at my home before flying up the lake so I could pick something up. He didn’t have the right equipment for landing on the water. I tried to assure him that in a dream we could be fine stopping anywhere.


When we stopped his plane started to take on water. I saw that he was carrying tropical fish. There was a cat that was catching the fish and attempting to eat them. I took the fish out of the cat’s mouth. I woke up, and was very pleased with myself for realizing I was in a dream with the signal of flying.