Mabon – About Moving in Another Form in Dreaming in Lucid Dreaming


It’s always an amazing experience to shift into another skin, like turning into an animal: panther, snake, eagle or an insect: a spider for example.


It was amazing how I felt in a spider body. How my body was with all the legs and the sensation of crawling on a wall upside down. It’s interesting how we are able to feel like another thing or being that have more or less members and part of body that we have.


I also turned into a female, very interesting experience.


In other dreams, was taught to turn into water and wind. I felt fluidity and power the sensation of having an elemental body was great.


The most amazing, I think, is to have no body. Just being a whole big thing with no form and no dimension. Just consciousness which fixes itself wherever it wants.


I believed we are that choice; just a focus which can chose to move and fix where it wants.


Dream well!