Luna – Ravens and Stardust in Lucid Dreaming

Lucid, I dreamed I owned two very large black ravens that would fly all over the place. At one point, one got out and flew away. I found it and wrestled with it and was able to subdue it long enough to get it back home. It was night.

I looked from the ground up to my windows on the 2nd floor of a building, where the lights were on. The building somehow reminded me of a college campus building. I entered my apartment and let the pet raven go to fly to be with the other one. I had a rope or line strung across the room where they could perch on. This one raven was very mischievous and immediately tore the line down. I was impressed that they didn’t poop everywhere. The room had a golden saffron glow to it.

I then had a round hand mirror in which I saw this golf ball size protrusion on my right shoulder. As I looked at it, it rotated, and rainbow colors appeared with the alphabet and numbers swirling around it. I thought that it was very strange and I could only see it in the mirror. I wasn’t concerned that it was anything bad. Then there was some kind of shift in my consciousness, where I expanded OUT. . . like my self exploded into bits of star dust matter.