Lucy – September 18 1998 I Touched the Cold Wind in Lucid Dreaming


[I believe that I was awake. I think I may have partially went out of body and connected with the “wind.”]


I am at S’s place, the bedroom is very dark. I am laying on my right side, my right arm bent down over my face.


All of a sudden my arm flies up, seemingly of its own accord, (I did not voluntarily move it) and encounters an icy cold stream of air, like a cold wind in a narrow path. I am half sitting up when I retract my arm and lay back down.


The coldness is so striking that it shocks me a bit. [I think all this happened out of body.] The rest of the room is warm, there are no windows open. I do not bother to check the time or turn the lights on. I feel around in the air for a while but do not find any more cold spots. I later fall asleep.