Lucy Gillis – Travelling Through Multiple Realities in Lucid Dreaming


I‘ve been traveling, either with friends or I‘ve met them somewhere. We‘re in a large complex like a convention centre/hotel. Several people are milling around, mostly strangers. I talk mostly with R and D – we all seem very busy; there is a lot of activity going on.


Whether by accident or on purpose, at some point I‘m out on my own. As I move through the huge complex, I meet various groups of people, each group unique in some way. Sometimes the ‘complex‘ feels more like a gigantic spaceship. With a light level of lucidity, I do know that I‘m visiting other realities; that each unique group of people I meet represent different realities, different civilizations.


In some realities (or dimensions) I easily interact with the people, in others I just wander through, and don‘t think they can even see me, much less care to bother with me. In one, I‘m surprised to find a small group shouting and throwing rocks at me. Clearly, I am not welcome here. I get the impression that I am in a desert-like place. Ahead of me are about 5 or 6 people, mostly men. They wear dusty, tan coloured, loose fitting trousers and shirts (there may have been 1 or 2 wearing long robes?).


They also wear what looks like old rags sewn together and wound round their heads, a bit like a turban, but not as ‘neat.‘ Their black hair sticks out around their deeply tanned faces. One man in particular stands ahead of the rest shouting something at me. I either can‘t make out exactly what he says or I simply don‘t understand his language – either way, I don‘t know what he is saying, but the meaning is clear enough – he wants me to leave.


Though I‘m not overly frightened – more startled than anything – I don‘t want to cause trouble, so I back away as one of the thrown stones hits my arm (though I barely feel it). I turn and jog away from them. Briefly, I‘m concerned about my purse. I left it somewhere, either just beyond the rock throwers, or some place else before I came upon them. But I decide to just let the thought go and keep going. I‘m sure I‘ll find it later. (And with that, the thought of my purse never returns.)


I‘m then inside (though I don‘t seem to notice this in the dream, inside and outside often blend into one, there is no strict boundary between the two) and go around a corner over smooth brown/orange bricklike cobbles. I go up a few steps, and can hear people running behind me, presumably the same people who were throwing rocks at me.


I go around another corner and see a dark green door with a white doorknob at the end of a narrow hallway. I run to it. On the other side, the hallway turns abruptly to the left, then there are a few steps up, and another dark green door at the end of that corridor. Though I have no actual memory of going through any of the doors, it is my clear intention to go through and keep moving.


There is a quality about the door(s) that is hard to describe. Despite its plain appearance, it is very ‘attractive.‘ I am drawn to it, not just as a means to get away from whoever is running behind me, but because there is something very attractive and desirous about the door itself. Somehow I just know that it is a perfect rectangle, not one crooked line anywhere, not on the door, not on its frame.


For some reason this ‘perfect symmetry,‘ this geometry, this form, is powerfully attractive. (Yet, I have no memory of touching the door, opening it, or stepping over the threshold. I have only memory of being on one side of it, then the other, going round a corner and facing another perfect, somehow ‘desirous‘ door.)


This scenario repeats, in that each time I see a door, I keep moving forward, am then on the other side turning left around a sharp corner, going up two or three steps, and then seeing another door, etc. This happens about 6 or 7 times before I begin to realize that the corridors are getting shorter and even more narrow and the doors are getting smaller. Eventually I won‘t be able to fit through.


The repeatability of the doors is a symbol I recognize (while in the dream) as one that has appeared in my dreams before and I know it represents my traveling through parallel or probable realities, though I have not seen this shrinking effect before.


I stop running. The door now in front of me is about the size of a kitchen cupboard door. I can still fit through it, but I feel a strong impulse to stop. I turn, ready to face whoever is following me, wondering if it is still those people who were throwing rocks at me.


I‘m pleasantly surprised to see a young woman, longish wavy brown hair, slightly chubby face, in her 20‘s or early 30‘s round the corner and stand at the bottom step. She is all smiles and is very cheerful. I sense that there are other people with her, but I can‘t see them around the corner. I recognize her from an earlier interaction, but I don‘t recall her name (she is not known to me in waking life).


I‘m happy to see her and we talk about something (forgotten upon waking). She is not from the ‘original friends‘ meet-up at the huge complex (or spaceship?), but is someone I met just earlier on my travels through other realities – seemingly just minutes before, yet on some other level I know that months, or even years have passed since that meeting.


Then I step down, round the corner and follow her and her group (I assume I go with them, can‘t recall for sure). But, curiously, I don‘t retrace my steps in the succession of corners and doors that I just ran up/through. Instead, when I round the corner, I find I‘m in a public space, like a large hotel foyer.


Whatever happens immediately following is unclear (I may have gone with the woman and her group somewhere for a while – can‘t recall). Then, I mention to the woman (or to someone else??) that I should phone my friends, to check in with them. I feel the need to let them know I‘m ok, in case they are wondering where I‘ve got to. I stand at a phone (public phone??) and somehow get through to D.


I tell him that I am very far away, in another reality. We talk for a moment, while I look at a map that is on the white wall before me. It is of the Atlantic coast of Canada and northern US, and is like a mesh of a satellite image and a detailed drawing. I look more closely at Nova Scotia (it gets bigger, but I don‘t seem to notice this). I tell D about the map.


I look at Cape Breton Island, which is not quite shaped correctly, but is close enough. I also see two more islands next to it, roughly in the same shape and size of CB, though in diminishing resolution. The one immediately next to the ‘original‘ CB, is fuzzy, or blurry, about the edges, and is not as well defined as the first. The third or last CB is more ghost-like, pale, with a hazy outline. I know that this map shows three probable realities, three probable Cape Bretons. (Not sure what happened next, if anything, then I woke.)



  1. I like the symbolism of my friends‘ initials R&D. ‘Research’ into new dimensions, and ‘Development’ of inner senses and skills, perhaps?


  1. I‘ve had this missing or lost purse symbol in dreams before, and knew that it related to identity (my purse is where I keep my personal (‘purse-onal’) identification), but not until this dream did I make the connection that my purse may refer to my waking ego identity, and that to ‘go back and get my purse‘ would have put me closer to waking reality. If I had tried to take my purse, my waking ego-identity with me, it may have limited or even prevented any further ‘travel‘ inward. Perhaps those realities I had gone through were the ‘farthest‘ I could take that ego part with me. By leaving the ego-identity part of my self behind, I was better able to use inner senses (I presume) and travel farther or deeper into inner reality. Perhaps the scenes where inside seemed to blend into outside were reflections of inner and outer perception/senses.