Lucy Gillis – The Mirror and the Unexpected Music in Lucid Dreaming

I’m in an old house or hotel. There are others here, but I think they are squatters, not guests. I walk into a room where a homeless man is lying on the hardwood floor, seemingly asleep. The room is unfurnished except for a mirror. I look at my reflection, which does not look like me at all. The young woman in the mirror has a different hairstyle than mine—she wears two fat pigtails and seems to be shorter than me. Noting this, I become lucid and start to describe the image I see to the man on the floor (who I know is not really asleep), and to myself. I do so to help myself remember what I see when I wake.

As I speak, I notice that the image’s lips, which are fuller and wider than mine, do not move in time with mine, and perhaps they don’t even form the same words that I do. I state this to the man, who says nothing. The reflected image does seem to mimic my head and body movements, though. I notice that ‘she’ has imprints around her eyes, like the shadows of eyeglasses, and that there are similar imprints on her cheeks. Her lower teeth are crooked and slanted to the left.

Apparently bored with the mirror, I suddenly want to fly, and so I hover for a few moments, wondering what to do next. I say out loud, “Inner Self….” and I am immediately lifted higher in the air by an unseen force. Looking at a window, I think I’d like to get outside. Effortlessly I’m taken through the wall/window by the force and glide slowly over the lawn, which is several stories below. It is an overcast day, and as I am flown over a small muddy pond, I wonder what I should do next. Strangely, I can’t come up with anything. I’m suspended in mid-air, in a seated position, like I’m curled up in a comfortable chair. 

I think about asking to be taken to my ‘highest good’ but I want to come up with something more original than that. Still, strangely, I can’t think of anything I’d like to do, see, or experience, so I default to “Take me to my highest good.”

Immediately, the sky turns a beautiful blue, not a cloud in the sky, and I am lifted higher, and flown off in a slight incline. At the same time, I hear an orchestra playing—music is all around me—a sort of triumphant, uplifting melody, like you might here in a movie during some heroic scene. It is somehow familiar, but I’m not sure why. It is also unusual as I don’t often hear music in my lucid dreams.

The scene changes, in that it is overcast again, and I’m now being flown over mountains, topped with snowcovered trees. Somewhat startled, I blurt out, “Really? Winter?!” I’m kind of amused, kind of confused, as I don’t really like winter. But my semi-sarcastic comment has broken the spell, and within moments, the music is fading and I wake.