Lucy Gillis – Past and Future Selves in Lucid Dreaming

I am in a room, like a den, with M and possibly H. A man has kidnapped us, and I decide I am not going to take this anymore. I pick up what looks like the horn of some animal and start smashing it against the man. I then feel this whole thing is senseless.

I turn to M and say, “Why are we doing this?” M replies with, “Playing games.”

“Games. I’m sick of games,” I say, as I put down the horn.

As I turn to go I realize it’s all a dream. “It’s a dream. A dream,” I say. I run down a hallway, then fly low, close to the floor. I sing some song about flying. I see a man in a long coat and suit flying in a similar position ahead of me. I have a good view of the bottom of his black shoes. He veers off to the left while I sing something like,“He is flying too and so can you!”

I then suddenly land on my belly on the floor of what looks like a class room. There are very quiet little kids all around, busy doing their own things, and seem quite serious. I notice a little boy and then I see one little girl in particular who looks a little like I did when I was her age (about 6).

Then I see her between two other [similar] little girls and I wonder if they are other selves of hers. I focus on the “first self” then I go to her, put my arms inside her coat and hug her. At first she doesn’t respond, but then she hugs me back and puckers up for a kiss. I see she is getting more confident. She looks happy now that I have hugged her.

I then move away from her and notice a large square hole in the floor. I look down through it to a room below and see several older people sitting around a rectangular shaped table. They are all very intent on whatever it is that they are doing or discussing. Specifically I notice the balding head of one man.

Back in the “class room,” off to my left I see a black woman dancing happily in circles with a young black girl. I assume that they are past and future selves, and I vaguely feel that the future selves of the children in this room are in fact the older people in the room below us. I wake.