Lucy Gillis – March 24 2006 A Dream Guide for a Night in Lucid Dreaming


. . . I am at some wedding in L.A., feeling the buzz of the L.A. night life and enjoying myself. At some point I am under covers (blankets), just luxuriating in the feeling of being in a lush, wealthy atmosphere, when I look about me and feel a dawning realization that I’m in a dream. I’m so happy! I get up and bounce again, (“again” since bouncing was a customary thing to do at these sorts of weddings and we have just recently done that – it made sense at the time) this time singing and turning. . . .


I want to pull positive energy from the dream to take or channel into my waking life. I make motions of pulling energy to me. The room around me begins to shrink. I go into another room that is even smaller. I look outside. It was daylight earlier, now it is pitch black.


I turn to go somewhere else, then notice that a blonde woman is standing behind me. For some reason, I know she is wealthy and powerful. I ask her if she is my guide, my dream guide. She hesitates to answer, until I amend with the word “tonight”. She says yes, (it is as though she doesn’t want me to think of her as a “permanent” dream guide) and also asks me if I can “tell the difference” (between guides and not-guides, or, I assume, between “real” characters and non-real characters). I say, “Sometimes.”


She says, “Good” then puts her arm around me and leads me out of the room. I’m about to tell her that I want to go to a sunny, daytime scene, when I hear a bird chirp outside my bedroom window. I know it is a “real” bird, in the waking world. I then feel I’m inside my body on the bed. I try to hold on, to go back into the dream, but I wake too much, listening to morning birdsong.