Lucy Gillis – March 1-2 2008 5+ Lucids Within 24 Hours in Lucid Dreaming


It had been over three months, and in that time I had had only two brief lucid dreams. Usually I have an average of about 6 a month, with very little induction other than the power of suggestion. I was actually beginning to feel antsy – like something was wrong. The power of suggestion wasn’t working it’s magic as before. Even a few attempts at other techniques didn’t work.


In the fall I had attended a “Seth and Out-of-Body Exploration” workshop led by Rick Stack. There, I bought his OBE Induction CDs. I decided to give them a try.


I listened to one exercise on Rick’s CD before sleeping, and again in the early morning when I’d awaken before sunrise. After listening to the CD, I’d do a counting technique, “1- I’m dreaming, 2-I’m dreaming,” etc. to see if I could enter the dreamstate (or OBE state) from the waking state, (WILD) without dreaming non-lucidly in between.


On the third night, I FINALLY had a lucid dream:


March 1 2008: I’m in a small pantry, a mug of tea in hand. I turn to go out and see the door is closed. I think to myself that O must have just gone out and closed the door behind her. I push it, it is heavy and thick, hard to open. As I push, I realize I’m in a dream and think for a moment that I’ve entered a WILD, since I was trying to earlier. But I realize that it couldn’t be a WILD as I lost consciousness between the time I was counting and the time I found myself in this pantry. I step out into a small kitchen, purposely taking a sip of tea, before putting the mug down so as to engage the dream senses and hopefully stay in the dream longer and keep it stable.


The room/house is like an old country cottage; lots of floral wallpaper and upholstery. I go into a small living room, walking faster now, as though moving in a forward direction will take me deeper into dreaming. There is a fireplace to my right, and a round coffee table (complete with big round doily) in the middle of the room. I clap my hands and say, “Light!” so a fire will flame up in the fireplace. It doesn’t happen right away, and I think if I can just drop the idea, then it will. As I turn to go around the coffee table, logs in the fireplace burst into flame. I’m pleased that it’s worked. I begin to sing, “All around the mulberry bush, . . .” as I circle partway around the coffee table to get to a window. I want to see what is outside. As I step closer to the window I feel my physical body on the bed. The feeling gets stronger, so much so that I wake.


Thrilled that I had finally had a lucid, I decided to listen to the CD (and use the counting technique) again the following night:


(March 2 2008: Listened to one of Rick’s OBE CDs before sleeping, and again when I awakened about 4:30-ish. Both times, after listening to the exercise I did the counting technique,)


I feel my solid physical body, still, not moving, on the bed, but I also feel I am rolling gently from side to side. I realize it is my inner or “astral” body that is rolling back and forth. I know that I can roll and twist out into a lucid or an out-ofbody, so I roll more forcefully, and then twist upwards to separate from my physical body. I get out, and don’t look back. I feel a bit wobbly and continue walking forward, trying to get away from the physical body quickly, so that I don’t get pulled back in.


I stagger out into the living room, and, gaining better mobility, continue out to the back door. As I pass through the laundry room I don’t take much notice that it doesn’t appear as it does in waking reality.


I want to get outside. I pull open the door, only to find another door, or more accurately, a thin sheet of wood behind it. I know I’ve seen/created this kind of imagery before, multiple doors in one frame, so I determine not to focus on that thought so as not to create it. I push this “door” away, with the determined knowing that I will next be outside.


I do get out, but it is semi-outdoors. There don’t appear to be any walls, or else there are distant walls, but the roof is low. I see wooden floorboards and beyond them, trees and shrubs growing outside. Suddenly I wake, back in my body. I resume the counting technique, to see if I can get out of body again.


Either I quickly get up out of bed, or I am already standing by a window (similar to waking reality bedroom). There is a Barbie™ doll in a bright fushia ball gown on the wide window ledge. The gown looks like a plant of blooms I saw yesterday in front of a flower shop. I know I’m dreaming. I pick the doll up and think how I would have loved to have had her when I was a kid – the dress is so beautiful and I love the colour. I notice her dress change slightly in my hands. Then there is a figurine of a sailor or fisherman on the ledge. Playfully, I put the doll by the fisherman and laugh at how the dream plays too, the lips of each figure puckering for a kiss. . . .


I am in bed again, and once more begin the counting technique. I get up, knowing I’m out of body, and run for the door. “Outside” is like before, there seems to be a roof overhead, but there are trees, bushes, and patches of bare ground among wooden floors and now walls here and there giving the impression of rooms. Slowing my pace, I see a tall man with grey hair sitting on a chair. He has seen me round a corner and come in to his space. I smile, and instead of continuing on my way to investigate other rooms, I walk up to him and ask, “Are you my guide?”


He hesitates to answer, and I can see and understand his reluctance – “guide” being a poor choice of word, given the many connotations it can have in this situation. Jokingly, I say, “Spirit Guide or whatever,” knowing that that makes it even worse. He grins, aware that I am not attached to the term/meaning of “guide”. He gives me an answer, saying something like, “There are lots of “people” around who can at times serve as guides if they want to.” It is then that I notice there are two or three other men in other “rooms” some seated at chairs, others standing. I wake or dream nonlucidly and then wake.


Once more I count, and soon I am in a place that resembles the scene from the last dream. I’m lucid again. The man I had spoken to is not there this time, but other men are. They don’t take any notice of me that I can tell. I walk among them, but then wake.


Within moments, I am in another dream scene, lucid, but the level of lucidity is low. I’m just wandering about, looking for something to do.


I soon wake, deciding to get up and write these dreams down before I start to forget them.  


Felt rejuvenated and full of energy when I got up. At last, lucid and out of body again – more than five times within 24 hours!!


Thanks for the help, Rick!


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