Lucy Gillis – December 10 2005 Get Out of My Head in Lucid Dreaming


I am happy to be lucid. (I don’t recall what triggered lucidity. Lucidity is not of a high degree, though I am aware I am in a dream.) I’m trying to get a dream character to remember three words when she awakens from this dream. It seems we are trying a mutual dreaming experiment. I get her to repeat the three words and to also repeat that she knows she’s dreaming.


She realizes she’s distracted when she has to ask me to remind her what the words were. I think what a good idea it would be to repeat or chant a code word while you were waking up – surely that would help you remember the word easily if it is still on your lips as you wake.


I then go into a false awakening in which I try to write down the dream. B and two other people are now with me and are trying to “help”. I remember two of the “code” words; “uprooting” and “uplifting”. B is saying random words, trying to guess the third word, thinking that this is helping me. I get mildly annoyed and tell her it was my dream, and to stop trying to guess the third word, stop trying to get into my head. But she doesn’t listen, she continues to guess a few more words. Exasperated, I say “Get out of my head!” Ironically, I don’t realize I’m still dreaming and in a way, she is in my head!