Lucid305 – Water Running in Lucid Dreaming

After listening to REM enhancement, I was first in complete darkness while fighting to keep my eyes closed. After a while, I got comfortable and decided to let go. By this time, I was sure I was in a dream but as I tried to open my eyes prematurely, I woke but I didn‘t give up. I went back to sleep:

I end up back in the void and this time, after a while, I’m rotating off the bed over and over and I decide to catch myself. After being in the void for sometime I’m then in a house that looks like my childhood houses mixed together and it is messy so I try to clean it up by telling the things to clean themselves up, but only a few move so I just leave it alone.

My brother is walking around and I decide to hug him and tell him I love him, at which point he responds as I think he would in real life and is just nonchalantly like, “Look at this guy.” I decide to ask the dream to show me my life’s purpose. Nothing happens.

I go outside and decide to run on water. At first, I start running, then I wake-board without a board or boat. Then I try to run faster but that’s not fast enough, until I finally just think of going super fast like Flash without using my legs. I’m as fast as Flash, but then I get distracted by a tree and wake up… (Somewhere in there I walked through glass for the first time.)