Lucid305 – Lucid Mirror in  Lucid Dreaming

I’m at a house that resembles my old house but it’s not exactly the same. I remember talking to my brother about the money he owes me. One of my close friends is there and me and my brother get into a mini argument about my money. He keeps dancing around the answer telling me his friend is handling it.

We are then amongst other people and are looking at a dolphin through a glass and then we went to look at it outside. There were dolphins and beluga whales and even crabs then Ab said, “That’s a big ass crab!” I looked at it – it didn‘t seem that big – and I get close to it. Then it grabs a hold of my finger and I’m yelling and screaming, asking everyone to help me but they just laugh so I had to bang it against a wooden guard fence to get it off.

We then walk off to a bridge with sea life passing by and I see half-fishes, but they‘re swimming. Their cut-off part gets out the water and rolls and I start to notice the weirdness of a dream. then later I become lucid and I think to myself this is not my house so it must be the house I lived in prior.

I see all my friends from that house and they are trying to hang out and chill but all I want to do is go to the mirror and ask my reflection questions. When I do see myself in the mirror it looks like me but my nose is f**ked up and so are my lips and I’m pretty sure I’m wearing a hat. It seems like everything I ask I received an answer I don‘t want or it is unclear. (Come to think about it, the mirror itself wasn’t very clear.)

One answer that I did like was when I asked the dream itself what my best career would be, then I spun and ended up in a house with a rap group I hang with. Then when I asked about where I would be in 5 years, I spun again and I ended up a tropical place.

Also towards the end I asked to see my soul mate and it was a girl that resembled Margeline but she had gold teeth. At first I thought this can’t be her, but then I started to trust it a little bit and she started twerk dancing. I got behind her and we danced a little bit and then I stopped.