Lucid305 Lucid –  Lady of the Lake in Lucid Dreaming

I’m at my brother‘s house and we are outside. It seems like a storm has just passed. We see animals that don’t really belong there, like big frogs and deer. I see a baby deer and it has baby frogs and crocodiles on its back. That’s when things start getting weird; that’s when figure I’m in a dream.

I see some hair floating in the water, it’s a lady. My little sister is there and she wants to ask the lady questions, but I cut her off and ask the lady why is she here in this lake. She replies that it reminds her of home. I continued to ask her to make the dream more vivid and she does. I am in complete amazement of how real it feels; I touch the grass and kind of drag myself on it for a couple of seconds, just enjoying the realness of it.

Afterwards, I take the opportunity to do some vandalism. I pick up some beer bottles from the ground, I think about drinking from them, but they smell like they‘ve been out for days so I don’t drink. I am about to throw them at a window, but then it feels so real that I check my hands to see if I am dreaming again. I have three fingers so I know I am dreaming. I throw the bottles at someone’s window run into a parking lot.

Then I decide to fly. I fail at first, but I think to myself that this my dream and I close my eyes and use my mental strength and will myself to fly like Magneto from X-men. In mid flight while in awe, I remember that I had a goal to reach which was to talk to the consciousness behind the dream and so I start to spin while asking to talk to the dream consciousness, and to change the dream scene.

I’m excited to see what it will change to; so once I stop spinning, I’m in nice house and I announce to the dream, ―Show yourself!‖ and then I see either a small bison or a dog in the house. I approach it, thinking it was the dream character representation of the dream but it didn’t look conscious as I approached the animal.

I hear a knock at the door. I’m a bit nervous walking to the door. When I get there I open the door and all I see is the brightest white light I have ever seen. Then I wake up.