Lourdes Pita – Visit From My Dead Cat in Lucid Dreaming


Pokey was in the living room rubbing up against the couch playing hard to get and saying with her soul … “Awesome, you can finally see me.”


I pounded lightly on the floor so she could feel the vibration (she had been going deaf in her old age) and thought to myself, “Oh that’s weird, when she was alive she used to feel the vibe of me hitting the floor and would look up and come over.” That’s when I realized I was dreaming and thought to myself, “Oh way cool, I accidentally have woken myself up in the dream by thinking that! Okay, cool, I have to tell Maria!” HA!


I finally got up and started walking toward her and she kept playing hard to get and started trotting up the stairs like she used to do when she was much younger. She still would play hard to get in her old age but she moved much slower! 😉 In the dream she moved as she had when she was much younger. She made sure I chased her up to the top of the stairs! Then when I got to the top of the stairs she let me reach for her and pet her, and as I was reaching in the dream, she flipped over and giggled and turned into a fluffy love bear! And she was giggling in a spirit giggle/joyous laughter.


I was so happy because the bond we have is actually stronger than ever! This dream was unlike anything I have ever had in the sense that the soul connection was so gosh darn real! Everything that made her personality so great when she was alive was amplified in the dream ten times over. She has also made me stronger and way softer. Meaning I actually find myself calmly responding to things that, prior to her death, used to challenge my temperament that in no way phase me anymore. I am forever changed from loving the same cat her whole life! Can’t believe it took this long to love and lose so my soul could grow leaps and bounds.


I went on line to see if I could find the bear that I saw in the dream. In the dream the only thing I could see was her body, but by the time I was about to see her face I woke up! This picture is the closest of what kind of love bear she turned into in the dream, except I have no idea what her head looked like. This picture is hysterical!