Lisa S – 11/25/11 Goldilocks in Lucid Dreaming


I experience myself as having entered someone else’s home, at a specific address, whom I don’t know. I fall asleep from sheer exhaustion on the bed. I am aware this happened more than having a detailed dream experience of it. I wake up, in the dream, and at that point am aware I am awake in a dream. I see that someone removed the bed cover and let me sleep undisturbed. There is a child in hiking boots playing on the bed, a child from a larger dimension, more like manifesting the essence of that child. I watch the child walk around the front of the bed.


Then, two large very calm, serene dogs appear on the bed, from that same larger dimension – beautiful, healthy. Then, a mature, elegant woman’s head, with a specific sense of her own being, like Cleopatra, appears, as the head of the body of another young child, so that the body is mostly head, not child, also from the same larger dimension. Then I grok [intuitively grasp, ed.] the presence of a couple, a man and a woman. I don’t see them. I feel some concern that I, like Goldilocks, have been found sleeping in someone else’s bed and home.


A voice asks me if I have time to share a glass of wine. At that point in the dream, I realize I am being asked to make a choice, which is an odd experience while dreaming and unexpected given the circumstances. I feel myself consider and decide to accept. I verify that the name of the street that the house is on is the one I recalled earlier. It is, although the name is not an address from my past nor one that has any meaning to me. Then, I wake up.


Note: Since this is a fairy tale with archetypical meaning, and I am middle-aged, it is not a tale I have read or seen for many decades. What struck me was flowing along with the dream versus the moment being asked to make a choice, and the total lack of judgment in the dream- I was open to the experience and witnessing, the children and dogs were accepting of me. The adults were accepting of what had happened and flowing with it as well.