Lily Nagy – Self-Healing in a Lucid Dream


Before going to bed, I set the alarm for 5:20 AM to practice “Wake Back to Bed” and set the intention for lucid dreaming and healing. I woke up at 4:17 AM having just had a healing lucid dream:


There are mountains/cliffs with a ravine between them. In that ravine, three bridges made out of what seems to be white cloth are suspended parallel to each other. The middle bridge has a top cover, a white cloth cabana that makes it look like a tent. There are two roads/paths perpendicular to the bridges, running alongside the mountains. The rocky mountain walls rise steeply at the road‘s edge so that the roads and bridges are not at the top of the mountains but on the sides of them.


I run on one of the bridges and realize, ―I’m dreaming. Was I just falling asleep? How did I get to know that this is a dream?‖ I rub the palms of my hands together and say ―Greater Clarity. Greater Awareness.‖ It‘s as though the bridge under me becomes more solid and I can see red-yellowish dust around my feet. I remember to keep saying ―This is a dream‖ to stabilize lucidity and then I ask myself what it was I wanted to do and remember it was to meditate and to heal.


I wonder how I wanted to meditate and can’t seem to remember (in that dreamy hard to focus state) so I decide to heal instead. I repeat again, ―This is a dream.‖ At this point, having crossed the bridge and being on the road, I see a door and enter into a room. I sit on the couch and say my intention: ―I now heal myself mentally and emotionally.‖ I raise my hands in front and slightly above my face. I wonder at that moment what kind of light might come out of my hands and I say, ―From my hands now does shine the power to heal divine.‖ I’ve been practicing that chant in waking life, preparing. A warm energy that feels like wind swirls around my face and head… I realize the healing is done.


I ask myself what else did I want to do and I think it was to have more awareness. So I say ―Greater awareness now.‖ As I say it, I hear a sound right outside the door that sounds like a soothing rattle or maybe a water fountain. Then, it’s quiet. I say, ―Greater awareness‖ again and hear the sound again. I repeat ―Greater awareness‖ and hear the sound for the third time. Then I wake up.