Lidia Tremblay – Adventures Backstage in Lucid Dreaming


I take the last sip of my drink (very alcoholic!) and get up and join my ‘troupe family’, all smiling and chatting with various groups of people. Eventually, the crowds thin out, and we go back to our home in the woods, to relax and share in our good fortune. Already, the actors are talking about their next play, planning and plotting, while the crew just laughs and shakes heads, longing only for a solid night‘s sleep.


Two other women and I go out onto the balcony and breathe in the beauty of the night air, full of exotic fragrances and sounds of night creatures. We lounge back in the deep comfort of the outdoor couches and chat about simpler things.


Suddenly, I look around my environment with new eyes, and say to my companions, ‘This is all my dream, you know.‘ They look shocked, but take it to mean that this is what I‘ve always dreamed of doing. I shake my head. ‘No, *this*,‘ I wave my hands to take in the forest, the mountains, the seashore glittering under the full moon, and the house. ‘All this is a dream from my own mind. There is only one way I can prove it – I‘m going to fly.‘


I stand up, and with a smile at my companions, my wonderful friends, I simply lift off the ground and gently guide myself up, up higher than the large house, until they look tiny below me. The air is so crystal clear and yet dense with individual scents and sounds that it‘s like a living entity of it‘s own. After a few loops and swirls, my soul joyfully open to all around me, I slowly make my way down again to stand on the balcony.


All my friends, the entire troupe, is now on the balcony watching me with eyes wide and mouths open in wonder. ‘Shall I do this again‖’ I ask, and before anyone can respond, I take flight again, this time with more speed. I choose a tall palm tree close to the house, and land like a ballerina on the top-most leaf, lighter than a feather, and wave to them.


Once more I come back to the balcony, and notice everything is now fading. I have only enough time to bid them all farewell, and tell them I‘ll be back – or rather, I‘ll bring them all back into another dream soon, before the morning light gently wipes out the whole environment out of existence, and I wake up.