Leone Brown – Lucid Dreaming Experiments


I have had lucid dreams periodically for many years but didn’t know that not everyone has them until I told some of them to friends. I just finished Robert Waggoner’s Lucid Dreaming book and was very interested in some of the experiments that he discusses. And yes, many of the problems concerning becoming lucid outlined in his book, I have experienced.


So for the past week, I made the intent when going to sleep that I wanted to lucid dream to try out some of the experiments.


I don’t really have an “aha” moment when dreaming lucid, I just know that I am dreaming. If I think “aha” I usually wake or become so fascinated in the moment that I lose my lucidity.


After trying to lucid dream for several nights, I had success. The first two dreams were a couple of the experiments suggested in the book. Last night (March 22/12) I had several lucid dreams:


In one, I dreamt that there was a group of people standing around. I asked that all dream forms disappear and the whole picture including the people disappeared. I managed to return to a dreamscape without waking. Don’t remember what it was, because I lost lucidity.


In another dream, I saw about 5 people and asked ‗to the air‘ if anyone had something to tell me. A woman answered with something specifically about a date (April 22?) and a couple of words. I didn’t wake until later and didn’t remember what I was told.


My husband has been in the hospital since Monday and I went to visit him via lucid dreaming. Initially I tried to fly following the same way I would drive there…this is a way I enjoy travelling while dreaming. I ran into many difficulties with this and tried to just appear there. I finally found myself standing by his bed. He was asleep lying on his back. My body form was kind of like a shade, not solid looking. I kissed him on the forehead and that was it.