Lemoyne Robinson – The Girl In The Hijab in Lucid Dreaming

I was dreaming that I was in an old house with lots of antique furniture. Something about the smell of the wooden antique furniture caused me to become lucid. The home had lots of children playing, running, and jumping through the house.

I recalled a technique that I learned in Robert Waggoner’s books Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The Inner Self and Lucid Dreaming: Plain & Simple. I began asking each one of the dream children what they represent when all of a sudden a very strange thing happened. A strange girl appeared in one of the doorways wearing a hijab. This seemed to be completely out of place from the dream itself. I asked her what she represents. To my astonishment she answered my question with a question and asked me if I believe in ghosts?

Then she asked me to go and look over by the refrigerator in the kitchen. I didn’t hesitate, even though not knowing what to expect. She then took me by the hand and led me into the kitchen. I saw a mirror hanging on the wall over by the refrigerator. She pointed at the mirror, for me to look into. I looked and behold what I saw was her reflection, which was the image of a ghostly woman. Then she said, “You’ll be hearing from us in your home because the Gateway is open.”

At that point the dream collapsed. Upon awakening, I recalled what I learned from Robert’s book, not to stare at objects for too long. That’s exactly what I did looking into the mirror. I was astonished with great wonder.