Leigh Hammond – Unsuccessful Rendezvous in Lucid Dreaming

My friend Viktoria and I, over a period of several weeks, attempted to meet in a lucid dream to try and replicate Oliver Fox’s dream meeting, where he met his friends on Southampton Common. My lucid dream described below is the closest we came to achieving a conscious rendezvous within a dream. However, as I will explain after the lucid dream, there were profound and unexpected results over a year later.

I am walking along a sunny busy street and decide to walk into a nearby cafe. Everything in the cafe has a strange blue colour, from the walls, to the chairs, to the floor. I become lucid, after observing the strange blue colour, and look towards three people seated at the nearest table. To my surprise, Viktoria is seated at the table conversing with two of her friends. I sit down at the table with them and notice that she doesn’t resemble the waking Viktoria. She and her friends all seem to be Japanese.

As I converse and observe her, I get the impression this isn’t the real Viktoria I know. Her mannerisms and movements seem different; she acts more like a dream character. I attempt to shout out loud for any dream characters to disappear, to see if my suspicions are true. But I can’t open my mouth, so I shout the thought in my mind. Eventually this causes my mouth to open, and I shout out, “All dream characters disappear!”

Suddenly, Viktoria and her friends’ faces start to gradually deflate, like they are inflatable dummies. This is followed by their bodies deflating, until there are three pieces of two-dimensional bodies lying flat on the floor.

I am feeling a bit frustrated about this and remember some advice Caroline McCready gave me about making a request to the dream. I shout out that I want to be taken to the real Viktoria. Suddenly, I am pulled up above the table and chairs and pushed gently along. I float out of the blue cafe into a new scene; it’s Caroline McCready’s Meetup place [where we met]. As I float gently through, from my high perspective, it looks like the roof has been cut off. The lights are on, but it seems no one is in. I think to myself ‘Viktoria is not here, so there’s no point in stopping.’

As I travel out of Caroline’s Meetup place, the scene develops into an outdoor environment somewhere in the sunny countryside. I float to the ground towards a small group of houses and observe some bluebells in tall grass flowing in the wind. In the garden of the nearest house, a tall man performs some gardening. I ask him if he knows where my friend Viktoria lives. He replies that I should follow the path down the hill, at the back of the garden.

I follow his directions by floating through the garden, down a large hill, and along a long muddy path, until I see a white detached house with a veranda. I see Viktoria on the veranda busily tidying up.

I call out and float towards her. We greet each other on the veranda and chat excitedly about our special rendezvous. At the same time, I observe her closely to see if I can detect if she is a dream character or not. She resembles the waking life Viktoria, apart from her hair is curly. After a while of discrete examination, I conclude that she is the real person. We converse some more about her worry that she will not remember the dream when she awakens. So, I say I will do something dramatic to help us both remember. While she looks at me quizzically, I quickly grab her waist tightly and fly both of us rapidly straight up into the sky. Unable to contain my excitement, I wake up.

Later that morning, I contact Viktoria to see if she remembers any interesting dreams from the previous night. She responds that she doesn’t remember any of her dreams. I ask her about the significance of the white house in my lucid dream. She replies there isn’t any and maybe my subconscious mind created it. So, I title the lucid dream ‘Unsuccessful Rendezvous’ in my dream journal and we both stop attempting to meet in a lucid dream.

A year later, Viktoria decides to leave the UK and return to her native country, Hungary. I keep in contact with her through Facebook, where she tells me she is looking to buy a house in the hills near Budapest. Eventually she finds one that she likes and posts the photos on Facebook. When I see the photos, I react like I have seen a ghost. I am so shocked to see that she has bought a white detached house, with a veranda, that very closely resembles the one in my lucid dream!