Leigh Hammond – Reunion in Lucid Dreaming

This lucid dream happened over 20 years ago, shortly after my father had passed away. During his dying moments, I had promised him that I would lucid dream visit him in my dreams. Sadly, he could not communicate with me due to the pain and seriousness of his illness. But I believe he heard me, since his hurried breathing momentarily changed. Several weeks later, after his funeral, I believe I was reunited with him in a spontaneous lucid dream:

I am lying on a road when I am propelled upwards, by some unseen force, into a beautiful sunlit blue sky. This causes me to become lucid. I remember to stay mentally calm and aware [as one of my LD goals] to see where this invisible force will take me. I pass over fields and trees, moving towards a circular bungalow house with a thatched roof.

The unseen force seems to slow and lower me into the bungalow. I pass straight through the roof, without any resistance, through the ceiling, into a large circular room full of people. To my amazement, I recognise the people in the room as my relatives; some who have passed and some that are still alive. Somehow, I can sense that the ones that are alive do not know they are dreaming.

Everyone seems to be queuing up to greet and welcome someone seated in a wheelchair in the middle of the room. To my utter astonishment and delight, I see the person sitting in the wheelchair is my dead father. The only way I can contain my excitement, and not lose my lucidity, is by repeatedly flying up towards the ceiling and back down to the ground again and then flying round the room a few times, as I am kindly told by one of my relatives that I will have to wait my turn, since I have just arrived. Strangely, no one in the room seems that concerned, or distracted, with my bungalow acrobatics.

It is now my time to greet my father and I am overjoyed with emotion to be reunited with him again. It is so overwhelming to see him again, in a lucid dream, to see that my death bed promise to him has been fulfilled. We embrace and start to talk. I try to keep my emotions from boiling over, so I do not lose lucidity. We discuss many things and he says he is proud of what I have achieved with my dreaming ability and being conscious during this reunion. I excitedly reply that I can contact him again through a medium, but he seems to not like this sort of contact and prefers that I do not.

Note: I didn’t get to say goodbye as I lost my awareness, since I couldn’t control my emotions any longer and woke up. Up until this lucid dream, I had an open my mind about the belief in life after death. I could accept metaphysical debates and theories, but deep down I had a small fear of death and exploring outside of lucid dreams into OBEs. etc. This lucid dream experience completely banished this fear. And even though I have never tried to contact him again, if I wish to, I know I can. Since his death, I have come across thought-forms of my father in lucid dreams and know instantly that it is not him, but a projection of my subconscious.