Leigh Hammond – A Million Souls in Lucid Dreaming

My body is relaxed through the vibrations, apart from my physical little finger. As I move out of my body and float downwards, I can simultaneously feel the discomfort of my physical little finger. So I ignore the physical sensation and focus on my falling non-physical body.

I find myself in a dark outside environment, barely able to see since my visual perception does not seem to be very clear. So I will the scene to become brighter and can now see that I am standing in a street with a girl approaching me. I start to talk to the girl and she gives me her name. I lose lucidity and think I have awoken, when I bump into the same girl from the previous dream. We talk excitedly about the dreams we have both just had and realise that we have shared the same dream. I am so excited I can’t believe it, so I perform a reality check by attempting to levitate. I fly up above the girl and immediately realise I am in a dream.

I fly higher and try to visualise my waking life friend who I am meant to meet, or her house, but nothing happens. So I continue flying upwards, out of the dream scene into a dark void of spinning changing kaleidoscope images, while experiencing feelings of joy and ecstasy. I am having a wonderful time as the changing images appear to go on infinitely. But suddenly the kaleidoscope images and joyous feelings disappear, to be replaced by a scene of dark blueness with a large river of thousands of tiny white lights expanding endlessly into the distance. I now feel empty and alone in this huge expanse of blueness, now that the waves of ecstasy and kaleidoscope images have disappeared. 

However, feeling curious, I decide to fly towards the nearest white lights. As I get closer I see each of the white lights are actually animated people, suspended in the blue space. They all seem to be doing different things, so I float towards a well dressed middle-aged lady wearing a white summery hat. I get her attention by talking to her. As she responds and starts talking to me, I notice the features of a room materialise around her. I see the grain of the wooden floor boards and the brickwork of the walls. As the room forms around us, I suddenly realise that she was not suspended in space, but was standing in this room all the time.

There are other people in the room seated at tables, who are ignoring my arrival as if nothing special has happened. The middle-aged lady tells me that she has recently died. To which I reply, ‘I am not dead’. She responds, ‘I know, I can tell,’ and points to and touches my chest. I have no idea what she can see in me, but I do not get distracted in case I lose my awareness.

She announces that she has to go and walks towards a staircase in the corner of the room. So, rather than following her, I decide it is a good time to wake up to write down all the details in my dream journal, while it is fresh in my mind and before I lose my awareness. I ask her name and where she lived when she was alive. She replies with her name and a town in London.

I will myself to wake up, but find myself standing in a near replica of my bedroom, with a lot of shouting coming from outside in the street. I walk to the window to investigate the commotion and see a young couple arguing on a street that does not resemble mine. With this realisation, I wake up and jot down my experiences.

Note: From the details the lady gave me, I seem to only be able to recall her surname—McSpencer. At first I thought my subconscious had made the name up, since I have never heard of a ‘Mc’ combined with a ‘Spencer’. But later in the day, when I searched on the internet, I was amazed to find that it is an actual surname, mostly found in the United States.