Leah Bolen – The Thrill of the Chase in Lucid Dreaming

It’s the end of a workday and I’m saying goodbye to co-workers. As I walk out the door, I immediately realize I’m dreaming. I take a moment to consider my surroundings; it’s dark and there’s a forest of trees ahead. I twirl around to avoid waking, then float upward and begin to fly over the trees.

The scene gets clearer and brighter and then a neighborhood comes into sight. I notice a colorful swing-set in a backyard. The yard also has four barking dogs. One of the pups rolls onto his back for a belly rub. I hover above to pet him before flying away. That’s when I spot a monster truck parked at the end of the property. My focus is now on driving that truck!

After taking a moment to stabilize the dream (by looking at my hands), I approach the truck, open the door and make the tall climb up. The seat feels really cushy as I settle in and buckle the belt. Upon starting the engine, music blasts from the speakers—”Knocking at Your Back Door” by Deep Purple. I’m mighty excited about this adventure.

I put the truck into drive and take off toward the roadway. It’s a powerful feeling to be driving this tall, thumping monster truck. Men are playing soccer in the road. I apply the horn to indicate: “Look out. I’m coming through!”

The scene shifts and now I’m driving through hallways being followed by a police car. The song hits the words “… it’s the thrill of the chase.” (Pretty appropriate lyrics for what’s happening in the dream.) I’m not liking the walls around me and decide to bust out of the scene. I push down hard on the gas, heading toward a large picture window. Everything turns to slow motion as the truck smashes through the glass and flies out the other side.

I’m happy to be back on the open road, but I feel myself waking. As much as I’d prefer to stay in the dream, I am soon awake in my bed—the thrill of my dream still fully with me.