Laurence Bourke – Becoming Lucid  in Lucid Dreaming


It all began with me in a ‘normal dream’ with my dog. We were in my bedroom and I noticed he was acting very strange, barking and barking and generally gong mental and aggressive! I picked him up quite annoyed and was going to bring him out to the garden to let him cool off when I noticed that something was ‘off’ in the garden. I don‘t often become lucid in this way, but I became fully and immediately aware of the dream state. That wonderful feeling came over me, that almost alien feeling of reality and power.


I completely lost interest in my dog and turned, as I always do in a lucid dream, to leave my house (I‘m almost always in my house during a lucid dream and have to leave it.) As I turned around, I was almost not able to believe it could be a dream as I took in my kitchen and its hyper-realistic lighting. I had to confirm I was dreaming with my often used breathing through my nose while blocking it reality check. Indeed, I was dreaming!


Suddenly, I heard a bang and my twin brother came through the kitchen acting strange and aggressive. I was relaxed, very calm and actually began laughing when he said something so funny that was supposed to be scary. I can‘t recall exactly what he said now, but I left and continued to the front door.


Whenever I approach my front door I just can‘t wait to get out, but I am very aware of the need to remain calm and detached from my own emotions. I feel I have somewhat mastered this aspect of lucidity and I am very proud of my accomplishments in that most important aspect, maintaining lucidity!


Then, something amazing happened. I decided to walk straight through the front door and I did so easily and arrived outside on my cul-de-sac. I noticed the strangest thing, the square glass pattern of my front door had remained in my field of vision and superimposed itself over the houses and road so I was seeing objects as if I was looking at them through my front door! Then, it all went pure white and I had a fleeting thought I was about to experience the numinous in some form or another, and I was even saying ‘yes’ into the light! But…


Then I was back in the square (that‘s what we call my cul-de- sac), but it wasn’t MY road. It was the same road but so vivid, so numinously alive, so pulsing with immediacy and realty that simply standing there looking at it was almost bliss. The depth of the colors and textures around me startled me into trying to maintain calm. I began repeating calmly, ‗clarity up 50 percent‘, etc… And as I did this, the entire scene focused in front of my eyes as though I were looking through a microscope. The detail popped out of the stones on the road and the lighting was so real that I felt somehow it was alive and aware!


The next amazing event was me continuing to walk up this road of mine bathed in the ultimate reality of lucidity. A rush of unidentified energy filled me, surged through me, and at the same time, I distinctly felt a stunning sultry summer breeze brush my skin and it filled me with amazement. I was critically aware that this had never occurred before in a lucid dream. Soon, as so often is the case, I felt the inevitable upwelling of sexual energy, its power is primal but, unlike many other times, I somehow resisted it and, like Robert Monroe explains, simply said, ‘Yes that‘s a good idea, but I‘ll see to it later!’


I walked further up the road until I was stopped dead in my tracks by a small puddle of water in front of me which reflected with otherworldly accuracy the orange streetlamps above. Their forms were distorted perfectly by the waters undulating body. Even as I moved left and right, the reflections followed suit. I was in an almost trance state looking at this ‘astrally vivid’ scene. Its beauty took me in and didn’t let me go until the dream faded and I was awake, amazed, and full of energy.