Laurance – Physical Healing in Lucid Dreaming


Due to stress from ongoing family crises, I had increasingly developed gut problems and had to carefully watch my diet. I believe several closelyspaced lucid dreams helped me get better:


1) In the first dream with many powerful themes, I was listening to a sermon in an architecturally strange church with pews, naves, and balconies pointing in all sorts of unusual directions. After entering one of the balconies, the scene shifted to an ornate synagogue with golden artifacts and art throughout.


I started talking to a scientific colleague who transposed gut tissue over injured spinal cords to promote regeneration. I then found myself talking to a man in a wheelchair wearing elaborate rings and jewelry around his fingers and hands. He was sitting on his wheelchair as if it was a throne, passing judgment on my disability-focused work.


Shortly afterwards, I became lucid and asked the ‘awareness behind the dream‘ to see a deceased scientific friend. Although I had interacted with him in a lucid dream several months earlier, I was told he had moved on and was no longer available.


Next, I found myself walking around Washington, DC, where I had once worked for many years. After noticing that the Capitol seemed to be in the wrong location, and a statue of Teddy Roosevelt topped the Capitol dome instead of the Statue of Freedom, my almost faded lucidity heightened again. As I walked down the street, I decided to beam pink, healing light into my abdomen area, a visualization suggested by a friend in the waking state.


After this visualization, I had a false awakening in which I shared my experience with a group of women sitting around a table. We then started holding hands in a circle as if we were initiating a séance. I subsequently woke.


2) Towards the end of the second dream the next week, I found myself walking in front of a building with many other people and became lucid. I asked all dream figures to disappear but none did; they just looked at me strangely. I asked a man where I was, and he indicated some difficult-to-comprehend name. I started hugging a somewhat familiar looking attractive woman, who, alas, told me such behavior was inappropriate where we were. With affectionate intentions thwarted, I then asked everyone to beam pink, healing light into my abdomen region, which they did.


After these lucid dreams, my gut problems diminished substantially. Whatever dream healing accrued seem to percolate into my physical body. I am now convinced that the impact of healing visualizations is greatly magnified when done in the lucid-dream state.