Laurance – Past-Life Request  in Lucid Dreaming


Towards the end of a long dream, I found myself walking around an older neighborhood with many, ivy-covered brick buildings that had been transformed into trendy restaurants and bars. [It reminded me a little of the Washington D.C. Georgetown area.]


I was with two friends, who I could not identify upon awakening. We sat down in an outdoor patio area and ordered several beers. For some reason, I became lucid and told my drinking buddies: ‘You do realize we’re dreaming.’ Unlike most other lucid dreams where dream characters look confused or oblivious when I’ve made that announcement, one of them said, ‘Yeah, you’re right.’


We both started levitating, leaving the third guy confused at the table. While floating in the air, I started doing various calisthenics, like sit-ups and jumping jacks. Although I’m thinking I better keep this short or I’m going to forget the dream. For the first time, I decided to ask the ‘awareness behind the dream’ a question. I yelled out, ‘Show me a past life!’


Like a movie fadeout, the bar scene dissolved to an old, dimly lit, chapel, which lacked the clarity and focus of the bar setting. There was a rectangular stained-glass window on the ceiling, and in the direction of the alter I saw the three crosses of the Calvary before me. The crosses had a white, almost metallic luminescence, and, as I stared at their overwhelming presence, I woke up.