Laurance Johnston – Lincoln’s Suicide in Lucid Dreaming

It was a night of fascinating, other-world dreams involving deceased individuals. Although only memory remnants lingered into my waking consciousness, the dreams clearly had a different feel from the usual. In the first one, I briefly remembered interacting with the seer Edgar Cayce as well as my deceased father, a political science professor who died several years ago.

In the second dream, I was reading an old, faded, handwritten letter, resembling those my great, great grandfather wrote home while a soldier in the Civil War. Becoming lucid to some degree, I realized I was reading with a fair amount of comprehension, supposedly a rarity for most dreamers. Specifically, I thought “Wow, this is a dream and I still can read”! As I read, Abraham Lincoln started speaking over my reading, summarizing the letter. It was essentially a suicide note. He indicated he knew the circumstances surrounding his death beforehand and chose to let it happen due to his depression and growing health concerns. As such, he said it was a suicide because he could have avoided his death if he so desired.

As it turns out, my Internet research supported much of the dream content. First, Lincoln had a host of physical and mental health issues, including, for example, neurotoxicity from mercury-laden pills he routinely consumed. Second, Lincoln suffered from bouts of “melancholy,” including suicidal thoughts, even purportedly writing and publishing a poem entitled the “Suicide’s Soliloquy” ( Finally, several days before his death, Lincoln had a prophetic dream foretelling of his assassination, sharing it with his wife and friends. Although all of this relatively obscure information could have been lurking around in my  subconscious, it was amazing how it came together in this unusual dream.