Laurance – Hands of Light in Lucid Dreaming


After a fairly long, mostly forgotten dream, fading in and out of lucidity, I woke up in a small, dumpy bed in a shabby, flop-house-like apartment. My first prurient thought was the bed would be too squeaky for sex because it would probably wake up the neighbors. Then, however, due to the apartment‘s unfamiliarity, I realized I just had a false awakening and became lucid again.


Lying on my back, I noticed that when I opened my hands, a dim glow illuminated the ceiling, disappearing when I closed my hands. I did this several times, captivated by the on-and-off light emanating from my hands. In spite of my fascination, due to the room‘s overall bleakness, I wanted to increase the dream‘s brightness or vividness, perhaps, in turn, sending me to a more desirable dream setting. As such, I yelled out ‘higher vibration.’ When I then opened my hands, powerful scintillating, radiant, crystal-like particles shot out with such intensity I woke up for real.


As brief as it was, it was an awe-inspiring experience that words cannot adequately describe. It was as if I was basking in God‘s radiance, perhaps representing light which is always available to us but rarely accessed due to the perceptual cataracts that cloud our everyday vision. Overall, I was astonished at how such an initially dull dream could be transformed into an experience so transcendent; perhaps a glimpse of what is possible in all of life.