Laurance – Gratitude and Offerings in Lucid Dreaming

For me, it seemed like a lucid-dream drought. Normally having several such dreams a month, I hadn’t had one for some time. Then, for whatever reason, the lucid-dream tide came in for several nights before receding again. On one of the nights, I had my longest lucid dream ever, a powerful one with some thought-provoking insights in addition to the usual lucid-dream fun. Unfortunately, due to its length, I forgot many of the dream’s early plot elements, recalling just bits and pieces. For example, I remembered levitating another man to prove we were dreaming.  

Later, as the dream began to fade and dim, I asked for increased clarity. Immediately everything became more bright, intense, and vivid, including my visual and taste perceptions. Taste-wise, knowing I was dreaming and, hence, could abuse my diet, I devoured a hedonistically delicious dessert, roughly resembling a rich raspberry, chocolate mousse.

Somewhat later, I decided to dive off the top of the building and fly around, hesitating briefly to make sure I was, indeed, dreaming. As I flew around, I gracefully did loops and other aerial maneuvers, and finally dove into a bed with a gorgeous blonde, a woman I seemingly knew well in the dream, but not in waking life. Managing to suppress my more libidinous instincts, I told her the special feelings and appreciation I had for her—indicating that because I was dreaming I didn’t need to hold back my true feelings (i.e., I was detached from the outcome in the dream state).

The experience was cathartic and blissful. While still dreaming, I realized that opening up and expressing such feelings in dreams catalyzes a soul expansion more difficult to accomplish in waking life. For me, this understanding became a sort of “the-truth-willset-you-free” transformative event that percolated into my waking consciousness and perceptions. Finally, in a powerful dream conclusion, a man advised me that if I wanted more lucid dreams, I should express gratitude and give offerings before and after every lucid dream, a statement I’ve been mulling over ever since.