Laurance – Extraphysical Hometown in Lucid Dreaming


Towards the end of a fairly long dream, I found myself walking around a crowded airport, accompanying an undercover policeman. We were strolling by a conveyor belt of moving baggage when I started floating over it. I must have been hungry because the baggage transformed into tempting food dishes and desserts, triggering lucidity.


After telling the cop that this was dream, I asked the awareness behind the dream to transport me to my extraphysical hometown. The scene shifted to a resort-like, coastal town with many white buildings, resembling somewhat a Mediterranean or Greek island setting. I floated around until I came to an outdoor bar or party, where I started asking people where I was.


At first, I couldn’t get anyone’s attention, but then someone told me ‘Thandavier.’ I then asked where Thandavier was located, but they had difficulty responding. I tried to explain; e.g. is it in the Western or Eastern hemisphere? They indicated they understood the concept, but it wasn’t an especially relevant question, which in hindsight seemed obvious because I was asking for a physical setting for an extraphysical place.


I soon woke up, and after jotting down some notes, I drifted back into a hypnagogic reverie with profound but forgotten imagery and symbolism.