Laurance A – Master Arrives at the Airport


Towards the end of a longer dream, bouncing around in different settings and situations, I found myself sitting in a crowded, airport boarding-gate area. I was discussing my interests with friends and colleagues, one of whom was a retired general I knew in waking life. All at once, he waved a vibrantly glowing amethyst wand, and I became lucid.


Someone then announced: ―A master is going to appear,‖ and, in response, everyone stood up, loudly singing an anthem to announce his arrival. My attention now piqued, I started seeing energy waves in front of one of the gates, and as I focused further, the master gradually materialized. Because he was wearing a hooded monk‘s cowl, I could not see his face hidden within the shadows. My initial reaction was that he looked like a Jedi Knight from the movie “Star Wars.”


In spite of the auspicious nature of this event, I shifted my attention. To prove that this was, indeed, a lucid dream, I decided to try to stick my hand through the wall. Initially, it was hard as expected, but gradually, as I continued to press, my fingers penetrated the wall as if it was putty, breaking through to the other side where I could see planes parked by the concourse. Alicia Hollinger Break On Through I have had lucid dreams my whole life, spontaneously, since I was a baby in my crib. I have done all sorts of experiments in the lucid dream world and am constantly fascinated by it. I sometimes believe that lucid dreams could possibly be one’s consciousness traveling to other dimensions as crazy sci-fi as that sounds…


This is typical of that sort of dream: I’m floating in a black space, nothing around me, I know my body is in bed, my cat is asleep on my foot, but I, my consciousness is somewhere else. I’m just there floating in darkness getting a little bored and I think of the Doors’ song “Break On Through.” Then the lyrics sort of resonate in my head “Break on through to the other side…” and immediately I feel like I’m zooming out of the top of my head, and now I’m flying past stars and galaxies and it looks like the opening of some big budget sci-fi movie as I zoom at warp speed past stars, kind of screaming in my head “this is so cool!”


Then all of a sudden I’m zooming through a tunnel similar to the one at the end of the movie “Contact” or in “Stargate” or as wormholes are often depicted on TV, although I first had the dream before I had seen that imagery on TV and thought “Wow! That’s just like my dream!” when I saw it… The tunnel or wormhole seemed to go on forever and I actually felt the type of G force you get on amusement park rides. A few times I felt there were other beings zooming past me in either direction and at one point I wondered if this is the infamous tunnel with a white light at the end where you go when you die… I never saw a white light, the winding tunnel just seemed to go on forever, so I sort of jumped out of the side of the tunnel to a whole new scene.


This tunnel phenomena has now happened several times and each time I jump into a scene that is not particularly exciting, considering the excitement in getting there. For example, one time I ended up in a British countryside and a woman was showing me some handmade sweaters she had created and wanted me to help her sell them. I asked, “How can I bring physical matter back through the tunnel?” She looked at me, very confused, like I was crazy. Then I woke up.


My other destinations after the tunnel were similar in the sense that I sort of popped into another place and time, often seemingly from the past and made references to “The Wizard of Oz” or “Alice in Wonderland” and none of them got my references and thought I was crazy and expected me to do some menial job that was part of their culture (cooking something in some big pot) and they seemed almost angry that I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to while I’m trying to explain that this is just a dream, I’m really at home, my cat is asleep on my foot… I’ve had millions of lucid dreams, but the ones with the winding colored tunnels fascinate me the most, although the final destination is usually rather un-eventful.