Laura A. – The Body Morph in Lucid Dreaming


A strange dream. I am on a cruise ship of some sort, and there is a large family pool on the first floor, but then you can walk upstairs to a second pool that is a clothing option / adults only area. I‘m handed a bright purple wrist bracelet to indicate what entertainment level I‘d like. I walk around the pool area and see couples in various states of quiet intimacy.


I take a seat under an umbrella and watch a very fat woman sneak her two children into this area. Everyone glances at her but continues their activity. I see myself approaching this woman and tell her that this area is inappropriate for children and she‘s putting her kids at risk. She pushes me and says in a very ignorant sounding accent, ‘You ain‘t no alpha dog here!’


At this point in the dream, I become lucid, and can feel my body physically shift. My shoulders and back become tighter, my chest expands and becomes larger and I gain muscles all throughout my upper body. I literally growl, then bark at this woman. Taking a crouched position I lunge at her, knocking her over the banister and down into the family pool area.


Her children look surprised and a little bit frightened. I pick them both up by the scruffs of their necks (like a cat would do to move kittens) and bring them to a man named Joshua who was the person giving out wrist bracelets. He tosses them out.