Laura A. Morphing – Animal Dream (Semi-Lucid) in Lucid Dreaming


My dream night started off pleasantly enough (but without memorable detail) then I began dreaming of animals in the process of shape shifting. First there was an overly huge grizzly bear that seemed to be charging toward me while it morphed into what looked like some type of leopard / perhaps a lynx (definitely in the large cat family).


The charging forward only slightly slowed down as each new animal appeared. The leopard turned into a small painted horse which sprouted wings out of it sides, and morphed into a very large white owl and flew away.


I was frozen in place with fright as this strange animal charged at me, but I tried to gain lucidity in the dream to fly away with the owl, but failed. There was something else in the dream that I could see in the corner of my eye to my right. I tried to define it with my eyes, and tried to follow it by walking. Whatever this creature/thing was, seemed to have a transparent light about it.


It lead me to an outdoor sale where two women introduced themselves. One name sounded like Cinnamon and the other like Sage. The conversation was aggressively confrontational, and I got the impression that they were hiding someone I know in their home. They then told me that I had seen enough shifts for one night, and pushed me away.