Lana Sackwild – OBE Adventure in Lucid Dreaming

I was trying to stay awake to answer my boyfriend’s phone call. (He’s in Boulder, CO and I’m in London so he often calls around my 12/1 a.m.) I slipped into a lucid space in between dream and reality and was still in bed. I felt strange, so I checked my hands by flipping my palms to face me and face away from me. My hands were dramatically changing into different types of claws. I had never tried this technique before and it was so fun. When I closed my hands into fists, pieces of the earth were turning into void spaces in my hand. My brain couldn’t fill the spaces—it was very strange.

I decided to try an OBE. I was trying to jump out of my body but ended up jumping in my real physical body and woke up a little bit. I practiced meditation to get into that in-between world again and found myself again stuck in my dream body in bed. I wasn’t sure of another technique for how to get out of my body and my brain began to think of things that could go in and out of objects. I began to create the Sadako girl from the ring coming through a TV in my ceiling above my bed. Although terrified, I reached out to grab her hand and as she came lower and lower she started grabbing my hand back and pulling me out through my body. I felt myself leave my dream body and when I looked down I couldn’t see any remains of it.

I felt light and airy and much like a spirit. I could easily float all around my room. I sat to do a short meditation and this felt golden. I could feel a warm buzz all throughout my body. I was worried I would fall into regular sleep so I got up and attempted to turn the light on in my room. I could turn it on (this practice check no longer works for me) but I kept checking my hands still lucid. I looked out the window into the night sky and wanted to fly to the moon. Leaning out my window, I was slightly nervous that I would fall. Everything was very vivid and the wind outside was cold against my skin. I decided to stay inside. 

I wasn’t sure what to do so I thought it best to find a good spot to meditate in. I went outside and changed the scenery to a park. It had lots of circular benches and I wanted to find one in direct sunlight. As I found the perfect spot and could feel the warmth of the sun on my back, two young boys about 4 years old kept running round my bench table trying to chase me or attack me. They were screaming. I wanted to make them disappear so I could meditate in peace. Each time I managed to make them disappear, more were coming. I could feel the regular dream trying to pull me back. I thought the only way to stop them would be to eliminate them from my dream world. I put them both on the floor and squashed their heads into the ground. This was so distracting and gruesome that I lost lucidity. Everything around me turned back into my bedroom where I was in some kind of TV game show to do with sushi.