Kurt Daisley – Two Dreams At Once? in Lucid Dreaming


This was my second ever lucid dream experience. The first one was a couple of years ago, and lasted only a few seconds: I realized I was dreaming, and let myself become very excited; I was overwhelmed by what I might do now that I was lucid (I’d wanted to see the earth from space), and the dream collapsed, leaving only ‘fuzz,’ like the snow on a non-transmitting television channel. I don’t remember what I was dreaming when I became lucid.


This second time, I actually remember a lot more. I’d bought a dreaming app the night before. (Brainwave Dream Inducer; Cost: $0.99, in case anyone’s interested. No, I’m not a compensated spokesperson.) The app plays binaural beats against forest sounds, and I’d set a 6-hour meditation to take me through the night. As I listened, I felt interesting sensations and vibrations in my body, and that night had a very vivid, very violent dream that was not lucid. In that dream, I was in the middle of a war, during which my mother shot a man to death right in front of me.


When I woke up the following morning, I’d set myself another meditation, this time for 90 minutes. I took a nap after the 90 minutes were up, and that was when the lucid dream occurred. In the dream, I was playing the organ at the church where I work (I’m an organist in waking life). The priest and two women from the church (all of whom I also knew in waking life) were standing at the organ. I was trying to find hymn #460 in the hymnal so that I could begin playing, and I kept flipping through the book, unable to find #460. The numbers didn’t seem to make sense.


Then the organ started to move. With all four of us ‘on board,’ it started to ‘drive’ itself out of the church onto the driveway. The organ was driving itself! All the while, I’m still trying to find #460 in the hymnal. As the organ started to come onto the street, I thought to myself, ‘I hope it remembers to turn right.’ It did.


Now, I was either having two dreams at the same time, or had this following dream right before the ‘organ’ one. It’ll become clear in a little while why I’m mentioning it. I was visiting my aunt’s home. Her home in the dream was a place I don’t remember having visited before. The walls were a deep peach color, and lined with bookshelves. My aunt had a roommate – a younger woman I didn’t know at all. The younger woman didn’t talk much, and we were very tentative with each other. My aunt’s apartment was in a building that was near an elevated train track.


Back to the other dream: I was still flipping through the hymnal, looking for #460. I flipped toward the front of the book, and saw a hymn number in the 700s, then flipped toward the back of the book and saw hymn #150. That’s when I said to myself, ‘I’m dreaming.’ At the moment of lucidity, I found myself back at my aunt’s apartment looking at the peachcolored walls. I was elated but not overly excited. I remembered a piece of advice Robert Waggoner mentioned, and looked around and observed my dream surroundings. I smiled to myself in the dream.


Then the dream scene collapsed, and I was in a dark void with shooting lights all around me, and I began moving through the void very rapidly. I kept repeating the word ‘Trust’ to myself. I was prepared to go wherever I was lead. My lucid state ended there, and I was back in another regular dream that I don’t recall.